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Pampered Chef: Past Host Discount

  1. PCALISON437613

    PCALISON437613 Novice Member

    Does anyone know if a past host that hosts another show does she get her additional 10% added to what ever discount level she earns?
    ex: $400 show gets a 20% discount on additional purchases so does the past host get 30%?
    Also on the stoneware do they get 70% off if they are purchasing at one of the hosts that booked of there show?
    Thanks :confused:
  2. dawn424383

    dawn424383 Member

    No, they do not get an additional 10% off. They can, however, apply their host discount to the stoneware special. For example, a $400 show, hostess gets 20% off plus the 20% off stoneware special, making stones 40% off! This is in addition to the one 60% off stone they may choose! If someone books a September show from her, she cannot use her PHD to add to the host special of 60%. It's already such a great deal, they don't allow PHD on host specials.

    Dawn Trudell
    Independent Kitchen Consultant
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Sep 22, 2005
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