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Past Host Christmas Gift

Stephanie S

May 13, 2005
Hello All!

I am thinking of sending each of my past hosts from this year (my first recruiting year) a 'thank you' / Happy Holiday's card with a gift certificate enclosed to thank them for helping me get my business started.

I am a Canadian consultant, and since The Pampered Chef does not make their gift certificates available to us, those of us who want to make and use our own. I have sent many out for guests to use - mostly when they go through some trouble having a product replaced (typically $10). Many have not used them so there's no $$ out of my pocket.

Any thoughts as to what a good amount would be to send in the 'thank you' / Happy Holiday's card? :confused:


I like the $10 idea. You could even mix it up. $5, $10, or even free shipping. I actually give my past hosts who refer shows to me after their own show closed free shipping. Past guests as well. I announce it at the end of my shows. I used it for the first time on Saturday. A guest refered the hostess and received free shipping.


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Sep 13, 2005
Some ideas

I personally just send thank you cards. Most people are so happy that you have taken the time to think of them. I sent thank you cards to all of my hosts last year, including catalog shows after I earned Disney. And I will be doing it this year for Vienna. You would not believe how many people appreciated the fact that I took the time to write them a card! And, I did hand write the card to each of them!

But if you want to do gift certificates, what about doing a drawing for gift certificates. Send them a card and have them call you to be placed in a drawing for $10, $20, $25, $30 gift certificates. Then you can control the amount you spend! I don't know how many hosts you had this past year, but if they all use them, you might be spending more than you can afford.

Or you can determine their gift certificate on the size of their show. For example: Show under $500= $10 $501-$750= $15 $750-$1000=$20 $1000+= $25.

Hope these ideas come in handy!


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Jun 22, 2005
I think Marlene had a great idea... according to the size of their show... of course some of my host know each other, and some had $400 shows and some had $900 shows... but...

Last year I simply sent out Christmas cards with a PC recipe card inside.

This year I bought -from Town and Country - under Holiday gifts - magnetic calendars that I can put my business card on. They just came today, and they have envelopes with them. I hope this is a good gift. I may still put recipe cards in there, and maybe even a $5 off or $10 off note... after reading what you all are giving... I feel I should give $$$ out.

I wanted to give something to all the hosts that helped me earn the 3 Showcase pieces!... Last year I sent to all my hosts for the whole year.

Happy Holidays you guys!


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Apr 13, 2004
I did a special sale

I sent all of my past hosts a 20% off e-mail or flyer as an extra thank you. I send each host a custom made thank you card after their show closes.
I don't make them, my mom does. I purchase them from her as a business expense. These are fun becasue I can dictate colors and how to put together the stamps to make them my own.
But I also did the extra 20% this year. I sent this out the day before Thanksgiving and I am sending in a 4400 plus show today. Combined with the rest of my December shows, I am gaining 4% profit still.

Chef Jill

Mar 6, 2005
Holiday Gift Idea

I started Pampered Chef in January 2005, so I wanted to personally thank my hosts for supporting me in my first year and helping to make my business a success. I sent them each a letter with a $10 gift certificate to be redeemed only through me by a certain date. I also offered an additional incentive to those who collected 3 holiday orders. I only had two takers. But I did have one girl who collected enough outside orders to get a second $10 certificate to be used on the new year. These orders were enought to boost me to the $1000 mark for December early in the month. Plus, even though many people did not take advantage of the offer, they at least know I appreciate them!