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Paperwork for Sale (Canada)



Going out of business Sale (Ontario, Canada)

Fall/Winter Canadian paperwork for sale:

order forms
pampered partner order forms (printable ones)
postcard invitations - 10 packs
show order forms
write-in sales receipts
pamphlets, etc. for business boosters
recipe cards
3-ring binder (with all the information from PC in it)

heart stoneware mold (maple leaf)
lemon hand soap (new)
display crate
oven mitt (large white one) (new)
disposable gloves (medium)
charm bracelet with 3 charms (from the fall months)
2006 planner

Lemon Zester
Large Spreader

burgandy crate for sale

Make me an offer! Desparate to get rid of my stuff as I'm going out of business!email [email protected] Oshawa, Ontario
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Apr 20, 2005
I'm Interested in...

pampered partner order forms - 10 cents each - How many do you have?
postcard invitations - 10 cents each - Is this each pack, or each invitation? How many do you have? What is on them?
Which Pamphlets do you have?

Also, won't you still receive the Spring/Summer 2006 new catalogs and such in the mail when they come in the next week or so? Are you interested in selling that to me as well?

Please let me know. You can email me privately.

[email protected]
Nov 21, 2005
Fall/Winter Paperwork For Sale

Hi, where in Canada do you live? Are you comfortable with giving out your contact list since you won't be doing PC anymore? Let me know.

Mirella Canavan
Independent Kitchen Consultant (#023795)