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Pamperedchef.biz in the UK??

May 30, 2005
Hi there PCs!
I've just become a consultant (my stuff hasn't even arrived yet!) and I'm so excited about starting and being a success. I've booked 11 parties and am ordering more stationery as you read this!
It wasn't easy, and I also totally had cold call phobia! :eek: I felt like a needed a drink before I picked up the phone, but in the end, I did it sober and got results for my efforts.
I joined the forum to join in on all the great advise and encouragement, but I wanted to ask some of you about your pamperedchef.biz websites! They're really good!
I have done a bit of rooting about, but can't find out where to get one, is it through PC itself or through a different agency?
With Best Regards
Helen Ralph ;)
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May 6, 2005
Welcome! What a great start you're off to! Way to go! I hope someday to travel to Scotland. My parents are going in October and I'm jealous. Anyway it sounds like you're going to have a booming business. The websites we have over here are through Pampered Chef. If you haven't heard much about them in the UK, then I wonder if they're not available yet. Hopefully they will be soon since it's such a great business tool. I love having mine and you'll hear lots of people on these boards that get a lot of benefit from theirs.

Congratulations on joining a great company. I wish you lots of success.


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Feb 3, 2005
Helen...CONGRATS and WELCOME! Sounds like you are off to a fantastic start! The way it works here is you must FIRST apply for your DEBIT CARD. Once you get that, you can order the website through Consultant's Corner.

So, the first thing to do is to apply for the debit card. I opened a seperate checking account just for Pampered Chef. Others have it tied into their regular checking account. You have to choose what works for you.
May 30, 2005
Thank You !!!

Thank you so much for the warm welcome and helpful information! :) I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! You all seem so friendly here, I am glad I registered and posted.

I already have a separate bank account set up, as besides being a SAHM, I'm a certified kiltmaker, but that's a lot of sitting around at home at night, handsewing, for not a lot of return. I'm really looking forward to going out for a change, meeting new people and earning all my starter bonuses, and eventually a sapphire ring! I dream of becoming a director, and hope in good time that will come too.

I don't know if PC will take a foreign debit card number, will just have to see. The websites are so lovely and professional looking, I hope that I can have my own as well. The only dark cloud looming seems to be that I haven't seen any for UK consultants yet.

Esp. thank you for the encouragement, as I just got a phone call from my mother in law who is having a party for me, who has just looked through the catalogue and was very negative about me starting up after looking at the prices. :( I think she was wanting to cancel and have me pack it in, but I was able to turn it around a bit, and let her know that there were all sorts of things in all price ranges in the catalogue, and if someone wanted something that they thought was dear that they could have their own party and get it for free! It was a bit gutting, I can tell you, but I put on a brave happy face through the whole phone conversation and I think she feels better about it now.

That's the NUMBER ONE WHINGE I get when I was trying to invite people to come to a party I hosted for my director and now that I trying to book parties. "It's too expensive, I don't want to invite my friends and family around and expect them to pay THOSE PRICES!" I just let them know that at the parties I went to, everyone wanted one of everything, and bought, and then booked so they could get things for free.

I hope you all do make it over to Scotland someday, it is very pretty, although I have to say that the weather is seriously dire at the moment. It's supposed to be summer, I think! It's cold, wet, misty, and wet, and windy, and did I mention it was wet?? Mind you, when the sun is out, it's glorious! If not a bit wet. :D

Thank you again!
Helen ;)


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Mar 13, 2005
One thing about the prices...yes some might seem a bit high, but then I turn it around, and tell people, well you get what you pay for! Pampered Chef has been around 25 years, has an awesome reputation, and a fantastic warranty. At least here, everything is guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year, with some at 3 years, 5 years and lifetime! You don't get a warrantly like that at any store you might shop at. I just tell people they are buying quality products backed with an awesome warranty, then they usually get out their checkbook! =)


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May 13, 2005
That's good advice....

I tell my hosts and guests almost that exact same thing. I'd also add the fact that they can return the product if it really doesn't work for them. Most of the time during my "open box" calls they're so excited about that product that they wouldn't dream of returning it and want to know how they can order one or two more items! :D


Apr 22, 2005
Welcome to the fold, Helen! This is a great company and the people on this forum are very helpful!!

You were right in saying that there's a great range of prices in the catalog...and, here's another thing that I say at shows: You get what you pay for when it comes to quality products! Also, the stoneware, simple additions and cookware lines are investments in your kitchen!

Whenever I talk about the professional cookware, I share this anecdote: As a Christmas gift for my husband about 3 years ago, I paid over $200 for a reciprocating saw. He has used it maybe 4 times! I am in the kitchen EVERY day making foods for my family and buying the professional family skillet for $100 was totally worth it b/c it makes cooking fun and cleaning a breeze! I allow myself (and I tell my guests that I allow them, too) to take care of my family and make it easier on myself by purchasing these awesome products...


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Mar 29, 2005
That is a great thing to say about the cookware!! I hope you don't mind but I will have to use that line! My husband does carpentry on the side and we have a lot of tools that don't get used all the time either!! Thanks again!
May 30, 2005
Brilliant advice! Thanks!

Hi again,
Just had to write in to say thanks for all the welcomes and the advice. It's really great! My DH also has a very posh saw thingie and although it comes in handy, it's def. not an everyday or even every month item! The guarantees are really impressive as well, and will give the shoppers a high level of confidence in the products, I think!

I had a training meeting with my director/recruiter today, and I found out what the debit card is! DOH! I thought I was missing the plot somewhere when Ginger mentioned it yesterday.

My BIG BOX OF PC STUFF came today hurray! I had just got in the door from my training, let the dog out and the UPS man arrived! What timing, it was perfect! But I still haven't rec'd my welcome letter and consultant number yet, so I can't send off for my debit card or stationery yet, but it's all filled in, waiting to go!

Hugs to all
Helen ;)