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Pampered Partner won't transmit my show!


Jul 31, 2005
I have no idea what is wrong with this, so I thought I'd see if anyone else is having problems or knows what to do.

I'm trying to transmit my order via PP, but after it tries to connect to the server, I'm getting an error message that says Error in Consultant Validation. :confused: My consultant # is listed correctly as C451638. Do I need to change the C to an F because I'm now a Future Director? I haven't transmitted a show since I got two recruits. Please help!!

Happy Mom

Aug 11, 2005
Me, too, had lots of problems. It would not transmit, and then I tried to redo it a few hours later, and it was already sent with errors because the program was not working right. It would not let me do the corrections again. So I sent an email to explain.

Emails were bouncing back. Our computer is fine. It was recently serviced, and there are no problems on other sites.