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Pampered Partner Questions


Aug 7, 2005
Okay, maybe I'm missing something (wouldn't be the first time, that's for sure). Is there a way to call up all of the items any given contact has ordered? For example, let's saw 2 months ago I had a show for Sue. At that time, I put in a follow-up action reminder for all of the guests at her show. Problem is, now it's two month later. I am having names come up under my action reminders and I have no idea whose party they attended, let alone what they ordered. I know I can do it under the Total Items sold report, but that way really isn't user friendly...doesn't include the name of the host, group the items by party, etc. Is there a better way to work this that I'm just not figuring out?

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Here is what I do

Do you have PP Autogenerate your follow-up date? When I have PP auto-generate my follow-up as I am putting the data into the show, it will list who the host was in the left hand side of my daily reminder page ("Auto generated from xxx's show") when the follow-up day comes due. I then go to Pampered Partner- Reports, Show Order Detail. Call up the show by host, say "No" to payment summary only, and it will list each guest and what was ordered.

Alternatively, you can just look up the show on your screen rather than printing it out.



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Jun 14, 2005
you can go into PP total item sold history report and put the customers name in and it will give you a list of everything they have purchased. I think that is what you are asking about.