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Pampered Partner question

Jan 9, 2006
I am brand new to Pampered Chef (and this site - which is great!) and I am a little frustrated with the Pampered Partner software. As a teacher, we only have mac computers in our home and at work and the Pampered Partner is not compatible with them. I've been told to purchase Virtual PC software - but from what I can find it runs about $200! Way more than I can currently afford. I currently have 3 catalog shows going on and I'm leary about how I will figure up everything without Pampered Partner. Anybody else have this problem? If so, how did you resolve it? Thanks.



Gold Member
Oct 30, 2005
Not Easy with a Mac

Unfortunately the Pampered Partner program does not work well with the Mac. I bought the Virtual PC to start my business and then had problems with the program running really slowly and it took forever to enter show orders. I am now in SS month 3 and I gave up on the Mac a month ago and have been using my husbands PC laptop that he can bring home from work. I am getting a hand-me-down Dell from someone in my family so that I can just dedicate that computer to PC stuff.

I wouldn't waste your money on the Virtual PC - maybe you can find a used computer yourself. Good luck!