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Pampered Partner Problem-- Help!!



I don't know what is up with my PP. I was entering a supply order, and wanted to purchase the mini muffin pan. When I clicked on that, it said item not allowed for this order. So I clicked ok, and it stayed on the order, it just had a price of 0.00. It is doing this with the Rice Cooker as well, but not with the professional cookware that is available under supply. Does anyone know why I cannot order those two pieces? Also, sort of related question... my PP will not allow me to have 2 different cookbooks in my kit enhancement order! Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!


Novice Member
Apr 21, 2005
Pampered Partner

Did you install the new version of PP that came with the new product info? And are you doing a product update every month? My best suggestions for problem resolution is to call TPC (1-888-our-chef) and speak with the pampered partner people.