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Pampered Partner Glitch?

Jan 31, 2005
Has anyone else experienced the following:
When entering a host order you enter free products and half price products. Now, WITHOUT changing any of the products or quantity of products (only changing which products you choose to be the half price items) the dollar amount owed by the host changes. So, for example say the hostess gets 2 half price selections. She wants to order 5 items - she might owe $20 if you put her half price selection as one thing - or - she might owe $10 if you put it as something else. She is still getting the same 5 items, but her $$$ owed changes. Sometimes, putting the cheapest item on her order at half price works out better for the host than putting the most expensive item.

At first I had the Easy Accent decorator as a hosts half price item. It worked out cheaper when I took the check box off half price for that and made her half price selection the much cheaper egg separator. Reason being, her free product values and half price values move around. Pampered Chef is still sending the exact same products to the host, but depending on how much the consultant plays with the #'s will determine how much the host pays for them. CRAZY... but we've run the #'s OVER AND OVER - it really does happen.

PLEASE THINK ABOUT THIS BEFORE your reply - it's tricky.


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Mar 29, 2005
Thank you for pointing that out! I thought I had done something wrong! I put a host's order in and after she went home, she called and ordered something additional. She paid the difference with a credit card and then I went in to her order and took it off and then put it on again and her price was different. It was only a few cents but I didn't do anything different to her order. Thanks for letting me know that I'm not crazy! :D