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Pampered Chef Overload...

Jan 31, 2005
Hey there - this is my first post, so I hope I am doing this right. I also hope I will be able to find any answers you may send... Anyway, my husband and I are new to PC and we are trying to build bookings. We are fairly new to Charlotte, NC and our two family members that live here already had parties - both attended by the same group of people we all know here in town. We are going crazy trying to get bookings, but everyone around has either just had a party or is just had their fill of pampered chef. It seems everyone we talk to knows someone selling PC. Any ideas for a town that seems to be on PC overload??? We don't have kids in school... can't use that. Tried the neighbors, co-workers - everyone has had their fill. I am $$$$$$$ into this now so I can't give up - too much spent on supplies, business cards, flyers, samples... $90 YEAH RIGHT! (well I might have gotten carried away) Anyway, I am fresh out of ideas. We were just at a festival and our Recruiter used a free cookbook as a drawing for people - wish we had thought of the gift certificate idea - that is great. Any other ideas would be welcome - we are hosting our 3rd show at our house next week. We've been told a husband / wife team would be a big drawing point, but so far, people just get a kick out of it, but no bookings. Please advise.

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Know how you feel

Hey, I've been there. It is a little scary when you're invested in an idea, but you don't get such a positive start.

My one suggestion is to broaden your circle. If your town is too small to support the number of consultants then branch out. Visit neighboring towns, but only travel as far as you are comfortable with going on a regular basis.

Also, if there are any new developments around your area take advantage of the fresh potential client base. If you've never heard of The Lemonade Lady check her out at her website http://www.lemonaidlady.com One of the ideas she has takes alot of courage, but does pay off. I've done it a few times. Knock on doors and ask if the person would like to attend a PC party. If they say yes take down their info (name, phone, email) and go on to the next house. After you have about 10 yeses start looking for a host (the lady who is soooo excited you knocked on her door). Automatic party right there! You already have the guest list. You have to make reminder calls and send out postcards, but that's okay.

I wish you luck!! It is alot of fun!! Let us know how you're doing.
Jan 31, 2005
Thank You

Thanks so much for the advice. There are TONS of new communities being built, I will give it a try. Actually just knowing this site is here brings a new comfort level - it's great to know such a wonderful knowledge / support tool is available. :)
Feb 22, 2005
You said that you are having a show at your house comng up. I am under the impression that the attendees have been to your shows beore. Tell them that what you need is contact with people that you have never met before. Let them know that you do not want them to feel pressured to buy but that they still can help you out. Ask every person on your guest list to bring a friend or two that you would never have met otherwise.

You can offer an incentive if you want but it sounds like what you need right now is new contacts. I have told my new consultants who are in your boat to do this and it has created excitement for them for their new business.

How did you start the husband and wife thing? I have seen teams like this before but I wasn't sure how it worked due to the home office policy of only one consultant per household. Is just one of you a technical consultant or is there a way around this policy? You never know who you may run into that wants to start their own team and I woud love to beable to answer this question to new prospects in case it ever comes up.

Good Luck! Let us know if you try this and if it helps your show.


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Feb 3, 2005
Congrats for getting sign up! Once you get out of your circle of friends, bookings do come. As one posting said, at your open house ask EVERY PERSON coming to bring a friend you don't know. Let them know that you are just starting and NEED THEIR HELP in getting off to a good start. Could they PLEASE bring a friend you don't know OR come with a name/# of someone who wants to have a show. If they do, you will pay for their tax. This will pay off if you can get new people to your shows.

There are tons of bookings links with documents that might help. Do a search for Bookings and if you are looking for a document, click on the ones that have paperclips beside of them.
Jan 31, 2005

I guess you would technically call him my assistant. I am the one who completed all of the paperwork. He "assists" me in the shows. - Mainly... he carries everything. We were told when we joined that there are many husband / wife teams out there, but only one could complete the actual paperwork. We have made a lifestyle decision to do these things together. If for some reason we are told it is not ok now, we are done with PC. We were even willing to order two kits, but than each of us would have to submit the quota to stay active. All awards, incentives would then be cut in half - half to him and half to me.... not fair. We currently know soooo many men interested in cooking, let's face it - times have changed. Ryan is a major driving part of my business. If anyone is aware of a major issue with this, please let me know. As I said, we were told it was ok.


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Jan 6, 2005
Husband and Wife Teams

I'll tell you, this is why I LOVE PC!! I've never had any complaints when about my husband "joining" me at my show, plus its a fantastic way for the husbands of the hostess to feel comfortable (and buy more stuff, hehe) or even having more male hosts by having my husband around. Now, your situation is different than mine, as my husband only attends my shows when he doesn't have anthing going on that evening...but I think you and your husband as a team is FANTASTIC, and I know of a few other PC consultants that have a team such as yours. PC is FAMILY oriented, and if you are able to spend time with the people you care about...no worries. Doris Christopher, our founder, relied upon her husband...so don't stress about relying on yours...
Congratulations...and I wish you the best!!


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Feb 2, 2005
There are lots of husband/wife teams out there. As you said, only one person fills out and signs the paperwork...So the income is in 1 person's name and the benefits come to that person. The Home Office considers that to be your business and not a joint business. I always tease my husband and tell him that "what is mine is mine and what is yours is mine" but as in all marriages, whats mine is actually ours and what is his is ours. I think it is great that your husband helps you so much and wants to be involved. Sounds like double the effort to me, so how can you lose. And, when you win an incentive trip it will make it more meaningful to him because he helped you achieve it. Don't forget to take him as your guest to conference. He will have a blast!!

Feb 16, 2005
As far as your consultant agreement

its perfectly okay for the two of you to tag team your business. Yes, only one is officially a consultant, but we all know that a successful business is a team effort.
If you were to both sign up, you wouldn't be able to recruit your hubby - he'd have to go under someone in your upline and you would have to keep both of you active... Home office doesn't want people to be able to split sales (earning double incentives & product specials etc). Plus, the new rules in the consultant agreement specify that your guest on incentive trips CANNOT be another consultant, so you would both have to earn it & have two guest spots to fill.
I think its great that the two of you are in this together from the beginning. Enjoy your business & working together. You'll make a great team!