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Pampered Chef Halloween Theme


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Apr 14, 2004
Taco touchdown dip with a halloween twist-
Use Pampered Chef's Halloween cookie cutters to cut shapes out of flour tortillas & bake. Use these as your dippers. Also with the taco touchdown dip, create a web design on top by spreading the cream cheese over the entire top & then place a dallop of guacamole or taco sauce in the center. Take a knife & from the center pull across the sour cream, repeat this all the way around to get a web appearance.

Chicken & brocholi braid as mummy heads
Prepare as usual except you will divide dough into two section, to make two
mummy heads. Make cuts as usual, place filling in both dough sections, do the
braid twist as usual except leaving a slight gap in space for an eyes area &
mouth area for each mummy head, just slight. When done. Cut 2 cherry tomatos in
half & place cut side down for eyes. Place a red pepper slice on it's side &
push in slightly for mouth & bake as usual.
The dough twists look like mummy wrapping & can be sloppy. You can even
create your gap in dough by just letting that piece of dough that would get twisted kind of just hang off the side like a loose mummy wrap.

Dawn Hlavaty

Take our Fiesta Seasoning set and make guacamole and salsa. Cut out pumpkins, bats and ghosts out of tortillas and make shaped tortilla chips to make in the oven. Brush with a bit of olive oil (show off that dipping set!!) and coarse salt and bake.

You could also make a soup and use our Creative Cutters set to make pumpkin shaped croutons. Cut the shapes out of bread, brush with olive oil and some Italian Seasoning and bake on a stone until crisp. Float it in the soup.

If we were able to show off the Chillzanne Rectangle Server, you could make eyeballs out of deviled eggs using either green or black sliced olives. Drizzle a little red food coloring over the whites of the eggs to make it look like bloodshot eyeballs.

Anyone else with great ideas out there?

Laurie Kenyon