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Pampered Chef Cookie Shows


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Apr 14, 2004
What I like to do is show four cookie recipes in a snap!
I use 2 refrigerated pilsburry sugar cookie dough & divide each one in half
so I have 4 sections total.
1.To one half I add teaspoon peanut butter to do the peanut butter blossoms
using cookie press & then put the hershey kiss in after baking. 2.To another half I make small balls & press in mini muffin pan with tart
shaper & add preserves. When they come out coat in powdered sugar.
3. To the next half I add a snack size snickers bar, cut up, a tablespoon
brown sugar & scoop out using small scoop. Melt some chocolate chips in micro
cooker & use v-shape cutter to drizzle chocolate over cookies when done. 4. To the next half I split it in half & add red food coloring to one
portion. I flatten each portion seperately in rectangle, put one on top of the other & roll & then slice. Looks like peppermint candy. You can also crush up
peppermint candy & sprinkle on top.
These are very quick to do at shows & everyone liked the idea of making an
assortment of cookies without having to make full batches + it was easy to talk
about family time & doing your own experiments with these easy "in a snap"
cookies. I asked guests what things they could think to add & what tools they
would use?
You can pretty much try anything that would sound good to add to sugar cookie
dough. Great way to show lots of products to do cookies without lots of work.

Dawn Hlavaty

I have 3 of these in the next month. We are also doing a cookie exchange to
help everyone get their baking done quick. Each guest will bring 3 dozen
cookies and the recipe copied to share. I will do the All Occasion cookie dough and split into 3 batches---one to color green and do the tree disc with the press, one to do thumbprint cookies---balls, roll in chopped nuts, press with thumb, fill with preserves, bake---and one to add chocolate chips and nuts to for drop cookies! I may do the peanutbutter though instead and do the kiss cookies. Everyone can take some home or eat there. Two of the hosts want the oil dipping set out too to try--good way to show it off without a real demo as I can get that ready ahead!

Lois Spaay


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Apr 14, 2004
Cookie Shows

I love cookie shows. I set them up as interactive shows with hands-on, Three stations. One for the press , one for rolled cookies, and one for scooped/drop cookies. I use one Vanilla Betty Crocker or Pillsbury cake mix and do it the way it is in the cookie booket and in cookie tipsthat i have attached! I have a rectangle stone in the oven hot and use parchment to the shape of the stone. u se my cutting boaad to transfer the parchment to the stone and back out onto the counter top. The after I put the next batch in, the first batch is set and ready to transfer to a cooking racks, ( I put htem over my sink so crumbs go down the drain)Then reload the same used parchemtent again, reusing the parchment is ok until it is too fragile. Wipe off the greasy stuff with a paper towel.

Check out recipes in recipe section.
Eileen Paul

If you already have the Cookie Press or would like to purchase it, here's a few tips for success:
• For best results, a soft spritz type cookie dough is recommended.
• Do not chill dough prior to using in the Cookie Press. In fact, get your ingredients to room temperature prior to using the Cookie Press
• Press cookie dough onto cool Baking Stone; cookie dough may not adhere to warm Baking Stones. You may also try parchment paper (squeeze cookies onto parchment paper and then put that on your hot stone, and put in the oven)
• Drop selected disk into bottom ring with the numbered side facing AWAY from dough
• Consistent size and shape of cookies are achieved by allowing an even amount of time between each press (each cookie disk may require a different amount of time between each press)
• Start out with a disk with fewer holes in it. Those are the easiest to learn by. Not as complicated!
• When first starting, squeeze the trigger a few times to get the dough started; then scrape away dough for fresh start. Then squeeze trigger once with the cookie press straight up and down... Pull cookie press straight up. Repeat the one squeeze method until Baking Stone is full. Bake according to directions.
• To make flat ribbon cookies (disk #8) tip cookie press 45 degrees off the surface of the Baking Stone (right for right-handed users; left for left-handed users). While squeezing lower trigger, slowly drag cookie press across entire length of Baking Stone to form a row. Cut dough away from disk. Cut row of cookie dough into 2-inch lengths, separating cookies about 1/2-inch. Repeat until Baking Stone is full. Bake according to directions.
• If pressure builds and trigger becomes difficult to squeeze, depress release pin to release pressure in barrel. To begin again, repeat number 6 above.