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Pampered chef clothing



Where can I go to get pampered chef clothing and other logo gear?
is there a website that I can order from?



Jul 5, 2005
your right!! I just went there. It looks like they have a few new items they've added as well! So how are the quality of the clothes? Are they sturdy? Or do they fall apart in the wash after 5 washes :mad: (I just hate that) Has anybody ever gotten a sale from wearing pc clothing? I'm thinking about buying a few items.


Jun 6, 2005
I think it is good quality. I've bought stuff for a few years and they have held up. You know it's Jay Christopher's company and I don't think he would be second rate. I think it's good exposure. I've got people catalogs and things and I know of several that have got shows and stuff. It would hurt to try one or two. I do. I bought a couple at conference.


Advanced Member
Jan 27, 2005
I have a couple of shirts and I really like the quality. I got the pink one for our Breast Cancer month. I also have a black one.

I have had a couple of people ask for catalogues when they've seen me wearing my shirt. I like to wear them to shows as well.


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
You can just go to www.visualimpactproducts.com but it looks like they don't have much up there yet besides the home page. At the bottom it says that information on their products will be available there summer 2005. Maybe once they get back from conference.

But then I did find a link when I tried to access www.aim-image.com. See if it works for you. AFter going through that website it seemed like I could browse the products and apparel. Good luck!
Apr 17, 2005
Apparel Sales

The other weekend I had a yard sale... and I wore my apron at that. I just bought my house in February so I don't know many neighbors yet. Anyway...I met a few neighbors at my yardsale and when they saw my apron they told me they love Pampered Chef. I'll be inviting them to a show I'm hosting in a couple of weeks.