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Pampered Chef Business Supplies MARYLAND

Sep 23, 2008
With my full time job and getting used to being pregnant, I had to let my Pampered Chef Business go. I have some items that I am selling. I would like to get rid of them cash and carry so if you are in Maryland you are in luck. I will sell the whole lot to someone for 60 dollars.

Large roll of raffle tickets for games
Tool Turnabout Tote
New consultant black tote
Denim Apron
18 New Pampered Chef Maroon Reusable Shopping Bags
2 1/2 packs Mexican Chicken Lasagna Recipe Cards
5 packs Cooking Show Invitation Post Cards
1 1/2 packs Drawing Slips
1 pack Snowman Happy Holidays Cards with Recipe
1 pack Gifts to Go Tags for Batter Bowl gift ideas
73 order forms
20 New Spring Summer Catalogues
15 Cooking Show Planning Guides
1 1/2 packs Printable sales receipts
Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/ Discover display stand

Thanks for reading!


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Mar 17, 2006

Just PM'd ya :thumbup: