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Pampered Chef: Fundraiser Pampered Chef BINGO

  1. :confused: I have a question -- has anyone ever tried to have a PC BINGO for a fundraiser for a school or organization? Is anyone familar with Lonenberger and their BINGOs? I am curious to see how one would set up and do something such as this. Please respond or email at wendy@hodorowski.com if anyone can help.
    Mar 10, 2005
  2. I had someone ask me for information one time and in searching I found this:


    A fire hall that had one posted all there info. Maybe this will help. The organization never went through with it so I don't have any first hand experience.
    Mar 13, 2005
  3. How do you make any $$ at this? :confused:
  4. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Legend Member Gold Member

    Bingo Party

    I have not done a Bingo Show yet but my director has. She charged $5 per card and the prizes were items ranging in value from I think $5 to a minifluted pan - all of which she had in her closet. Catalogs were passed out just like at a regular show and orders taken. Bingo cards had products and other PC related items on them and as she drew them she talked about them. She had 10 in attendance and I don't recall what her total sales were but I know she got 2 bookings for future Bingo format shows. She said everyone had a great time and it was well worth it! If you don't have products in the "closet" you could take select items to show as the prizes and then order them on the show - the cost of the cards should cover your costs.

    I am planning a Bingo Show in April and I have attached my flyer.

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    Mar 14, 2005
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  5. OMG Beth! That sounds like so much fun! I'm not a consultant yet but when I do sign up I will definately have to do that.

    Thx for the great idea!

    Mar 26, 2005
  6. Mar 26, 2005
  7. Apr 21, 2005
  8. Beth, how did your bingo party go? I'm thinking of doing one at my house for neighbors that I don't even know...I'm going to pass out flyers.

    Jun 3, 2005
  9. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Legend Member Gold Member

    I didn't have a very good turnout considering how many I invited. I barely paid for the room and the door prizes were not covered at all but I did get a couple bookings and some orders. I would do it again on a smaller scale or with pre-paid bingo cards.
    Jun 3, 2005
  10. rwesterpchef

    rwesterpchef Advanced Member

    Benefit to $5 per Card Bingo Show?

    I guess I'm really not seeing the big picture. At $5 a card, and probably playing 3-5 rounds, that's $15-$25 on cards that the guests could be buying Pampered Chef items off of - that I can get commission off of. Is it $5 a card, or just $5 to come to the show and play a few rounds?

    I would like to see postings of $ spent to prepare for show, $ results of show, number of people in attendance, etc. I'm just trying to justify it a bit.

  11. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Legend Member Gold Member

    The cost of the cards was supposed to pay for the room and prizes. They only bought the cards once and reused them for all the games. They were playing to get PC products valued at more than the cost of the card but that I got free or half price. I did a quick demo and took orders and they didn't seem to even consider the card cost when they placed their orders.

    I felt that if I had 10 participants it would cover the room and prizes and then the sales would be like any other show... but even though I mailed and emailed over 130 invitations I didn't even get the 10. Those that came enjoyed it but worth it? I would have to do it with other consultants next time or in my home instead of renting a room.
    Jun 4, 2005
  12. rwesterpchef

    rwesterpchef Advanced Member

    Thanks Beth for the clarification. Now it seems like a more reasonable idea!
  13. acherry

    acherry Member Gold Member

    Another suggestion

    Sometimes, if you are doing a fundraiser for the Lions Club, VFW hall or the Volunteer Fireman, they have rooms that they use for their activities, which you can use for BINGO Fundraisers for their organizations, plus ask your local fire hall the cost renting a room from them, I know my local room rental is extremely low. Or, if you know a member who is part of the volunteer fireman or a fireman, sometimes they are able to rent the room for free. Just an idea for everyone, it never hurts to ask!
    Jun 5, 2005
  14. pamperedmom2owen

    pamperedmom2owen Member

    Check your local churches for free rooms for fundraisers too. My church let me use the fellowship hall for a HWC fundraiser for free.
  15. PC Bingo

    This sounds like a EXCELLENT idea! We have alot of Volunteer Fire Dept around here, and a few VFWs and of course churches! Thank you soooo much!
    Jul 31, 2005
  16. scottcooks

    scottcooks Veteran Member Gold Member

    PC Bingo

    This is powerful stuff:

    A lady who attended a Tom Marsten bingo fundraiser explained he offers fundraisers where folks buy-in to play B-I-N-G-O

    for up to 7 prizes... She said he runs up to 4 games and the bingo part takes about an hour, then a single recipe demo, closer with those slips, and guests get a pre-made SAMPLE SIZE of whatever recipe afterward. Each bingo game just keeps going until someone gets a blackout. TIES mean winners split the prize evenly between tied parties; she said they are rare. There have to be a certain number of players; more players makes more money for the group. Each game has 7 winners.

    People play to win...

    (1) 5 in a row any row [basic BINGO],

    (2)5 across any two rows [two BINGOS]

    (3) 5 down any two columns [two BINGOs],

    (4) a plus [or cross], [two BINGOS],

    (5) an x [two BINGOS],

    (6) any 3 stripes, across or down [three BINGOS]

    (7) a complete blackout.[five BINGOS]

    Adults only: 30 players minimum $5 to play, for each prize above, all 7 for $30. Winners win $40.

    Mixed crowds including children: 50 players minimum $3 to play for each prize above, all 7 for $20, Winners win $21

    All the proceeds from the game overage go to the group--a "donation" from the guests" as a further income bonus to the fundraiser - I don't think he declares that to TPC though; I think it is a "group donation".

    Again, I'm not totally sure on many of the details. I forgot to ask the lady at conference; I was writing all these other parts down.

    So if only 30 people play, profit to the group is from $20-550 Per "adults only" Game. at 4 games a night, bingo "gift" to the group is $80-2200, including the 28 folks who won $40 each!

    The "mixed" game at only 50 players profits the group from $3-853 per "mixed crowd" game. At 4 games a night, bingo "gift" to the group is $12-3412, including the 28 folks who won $21 each! A lot of the kids miss their bingos, so these games take up to 20 mins. each. After BINGO, kids go to a sitter on site.

    Imagine 30 buyers at a kitchen show! or 40!!

    She did say no group ever did this earning less than $200 a night...and that they are told to expect $100 or better. People are in a generous mood, so most buy the top ticket value at least for 1 game - guaranteeing higher "group gift" profits to the group. Many groups earn thousands in one night and are blown away - then have an awesome PC show too -- here's the kicker - the individuals and groups almost always spend at least some of their profits on PAMPERD CHEF orders!

    I'm eager to try it. I did a 3K fundraiser without bingo - with an AWESOME host, and donating a lot of my commission...the group made $840
    Aug 17, 2005
  17. Cookie

    Cookie Member

    Do I understand this right?

    Let's say you have 30 guests and they each decide to buy all 7 cards. That is $900. Now you have to give out 7 prizes of $40. That's $280. That leaves you with $620. That was game one. Now if they use the same cards for the next 3 games you need to pay out $280 3 more times. That's $840. You just lost $220.

    Or if they buy $30 worth of cards for each game they will have to spend $120 on cards. Are they going to have any spending money left to buy Pampered Chef?

    I know I must be missing something. Please explain. Thanks.
    Aug 18, 2005
  18. pamperedmom2owen

    pamperedmom2owen Member

    So, it's sort of like a regular BINGO game only followed by a PC show? Is that right? And not all 30 people have to play all 7 rounds? I'd like to try this, but I want to get the general ideas straight first!
  19. its_me_susan

    its_me_susan Senior Member

    Do you have

    Will one of you post a sample of a Bingo card (I am having trouble picturing this). It sounds like so much fun though!!!
    Aug 21, 2005
  20. its_me_susan

    its_me_susan Senior Member

    an idea

    ***I'm thinking also that a school would let you use the gym/cafeteria, or the public library might part with a room inexpensively?
    Aug 22, 2005
  21. Stephanie S

    Stephanie S Member

    Saved Yet Again!

    Unbelieveable - I'm saved by this site yet again. I was just in the middle of creating my own bingo cards when I saw your link for the site that makes them for you.

    Sep 15, 2005
  22. Can someone PLEASE explain the bingo game to me. I totally don't understand it. I have a huge show next Friday night (the first one I've done where all the guests are TOTAL strangers) and the host mentioned some games and I have heard people talk about the bingo game on here but I have no idea how to play it
  23. Never mind I just realized that I clicked on the last page of the thread and that the rest of the thread explains it.
  24. Ok. I know I'm slow but..

    :confused: I REALLY don't get this AT ALL. I'm trying to set up a fundraiser with the PTA and I REALLY like the idea of Bingo. I think people would like it. But I don't understand how to set it up, or anything. Ok, obviously I know how to call out letters and cover squares, but in terms of selling cards, awarding prizes, working in a demo, basically EVERYTHING ELSE I am TOTALLY clueless, would someone PLEASE PLEASE explain it like I'm a 4 year old.

    Thanks in advance. :eek:
    Sep 17, 2005
  25. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Legend Member Gold Member

    You just make up cards with products or other PC words instead of numbers and letters. Sell the cards (I sold them for $5 or 3 for $10) and then give products as prizes. If you don't have any extra products around your house you can give gift certificates that you would make up yourself.

    The card sales would pay for the room fee (if there is one) and the prizes.

    You would also give everyone a catalog and order form and do a brief demo during a break from the bingo calling. They will want to order because when you are calling the words on the cards you are describing or showing those things and they will want them. ;)

    That's the simple explaination - hope it helps!
    Sep 18, 2005
  26. Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

    That helps a whole lot! I really appreciate you replying. Thanks again. :D
    Sep 18, 2005
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