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Pampered Chef and Media

May 16, 2005
Does anyone have a copy or point me to where I can get a copy of the letter sent out by Doris Christopher about PC's money no longer being a part of Planned Parenthood. I would like to have several past PC consultants consider rejoining. Thank you


Not wishing to start a political riff here, but it isn't PC money being used, it's BH money. That would be like some anti-war protester beating you up because Bush is also from Texas.

We have no control over what another person (or company in this case) does with his/her charitable donations. The $ figures are not quite right on this example, but I'll use it just the same: If 10 of your relatives give you $20.00 (each) and you decide to spend $3.00 at the local video store renting a violent/pornographic DVD, which one of your relatives should be held accountable for your perversion?

If they quit selling, it's probably better that they don't return. They didn't stand behind the quality product being sold, but the political statement being made. They obviously didn't stand behind Doris Christopher while she was fighting this battle against Buffet.
Feb 22, 2005
I have read what you are talking about and I just went to Consultant's Corner and I can't find it. I will keep digging for you in hopes that it hasn't been removed.


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Feb 2, 2005
This was a big controversy. The American Family Association and American Family Radio got ahold of the information and ran with it. I had a man at church ask me about it. I do not like the idea behind Planned Parenthood, but I cannot control what someone else does with their money. If we really want to be technical about it, there is probably not a company out there that does not give donations to or support some kind of "questionable" activity at some time or another. If we boycott every company that does these things, we will run around without clothes and starve to death. When you really begin to dig into funding you will find something somewhere that offends someone. At one time there was a boycott on Disney, Tide and Pampers Diapers, and I think even Kraft. In my opinion the best way to stop these questionable donations is to pray about it and pray for the people involved.

I prayed earnestly for Doris to be able to make the best decision for the company and be able to stand up for her beliefs, and she did. She boldly went in and discussed the problem and what it was doing to her people. And then you had people complaining that not only did the planned parenthood contributions stop, but so did donations to many worthy causes. So, you can't please everyone.

I am just glad that the contraversy was over fairly quickly. We suffered a little, but in the long run it made us a stronger company. These are personal issues. We cannot always change these types of issues.

But, as far as getting a copy of the letter, why don't you call the HO and ask for a copy. I don't remember seeing it on the website in a long time. Anyway, I hope I didn't "step on anyone's toes". I love The Pampered Chef.

Shawnna Nixon
May 16, 2005

Thank you everyone for your reply and answering my questions.

I will continue to search for the "letter" since I have had one person ask me about it-- I would like to show her the letter.



Mar 26, 2005
Might help

This may not be the most efficient way, but it is how I came across the whole thing...
Also, a slight clarification~In the piece I read, the change included that the individual company (such as PC) could choose whether or not they wanted to give to a certain organization, and not be affiliated with Berkshire Hathaway's choice. So each company under its umbrella is independent of such decisions.
I actually came across the whole controversy while searching in Yahoo, using Pampered Chef as the keyword. You may have to go 3-4 pages into the search, but it is there.
I know there is also a explanatory statement at the Focus on the Family website.
I am not familiar with the letter from Doris Christopher, but hopefully this will help.
Apr 5, 2005
Thanks for starting this post! My brother is Catholic, and he and his friends wouldn't do a party because of TPCs donations to PP. (not trying to say that about all Catholics...just part of what he believed, etc...not trying to start anything with that...) If anyone does have a 'letter' or something to that effect, I'd love to read it. Thanks!


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Jan 21, 2005
Letter sent to consultants from Doris re: issue

Here is the email sent to consultants on July 3, 2003 regarding this subject:

We are pleased to provide you with the following letter from Doris Christopher. You are welcome to share this letter with others. This information is being communicated to you, our sales field, in the following manner. A hard copy of this letter will be mailed to you next week.

* 4:45p.m. - ExecuFlash - Exec. Directors and above
* 5:15p.m. - E-mail blast - Director levels
* 5:45p.m. - E-mail blast - All Consultants U.S. and Canada
All times listed above are Central Standard Time.

Dear Kitchen Consultants:

I have shared with you my pride in being a part of the Berkshire Hathaway family of businesses. I knew that this was the kind of family where The Pampered Chef would thrive and grow for years to come. I have also shared with you my feelings of respect for Warren Buffett.

Today, I am even more proud to call Warren my mentor, leader and friend.

This week I went to Warren with a heavy heart. I told him that many of our Kitchen Consultants were concerned and troubled with Berkshire Hathaway's donation policies -
specifically the contributions to pro-choice organizations and to the Buffett Foundation. I knew that I could speak with Warren frankly and that he would want to hear of the issues impacting your business.

It troubled him deeply that charitable donations from Berkshire Hathaway were causing you difficulty. He listened to me carefully and with great compassion. He understands that as his family of Berkshire companies expands, it becomes more diverse, and there are opinions and concerns that need to be taken into consideration. Warren Buffett made a landmark decision regarding the long-standing corporate giving policies of Berkshire Hathaway. His decision was this:

Effective immediately, Berkshire Hathaway will cease all corporate contributions of any kind to any non-profit organization. This means there will be no donations from Berkshire Hathaway to the Buffett Foundation. Let me be clear, there will be no possibility of any Pampered Chef profits being donated to any cause other than those we initiate, including our three current charitable giving programs:
Round-Up from the Heart, Help Whip Cancer and the Family Resiliency Program.

Warren Buffett made his landmark decision after hearing what was in my heart and in yours. I believe that Kitchen Consultants, hosts and customers are a diverse group of individuals with different opinions and beliefs. Our business is built on trust and on personal relationships. Warren understands our business and wants you to be successful in every way, able to do business with people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

I admire Warren Buffett for his heart and his insight. He is a wise leader!

Thank you for all you do to make this company strong.

Doris K. Christopher
Founder and Chairman
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Apr 9, 2005
Planned Parenthood controversy

Berkshire Hathaway was taken off the boycott list 2 years ago July. Disney is still on the list. Berkshire Hathaway's charitable giving program was set up so that each share holder of a certian level could vote to donate money to up to 3 different nonprofit organizations. Over 3500 organizations received money from this program every year. The Pampered Chef's votes were made by Doris Christopher and her votes always went to The American Cancer Society, The American Red Cross and the University of Illinois Family Resiliency program. Never to Planned Parenthood. Of those you know who won't purchase PC because of this ask them this question: Do they eat at Dairy Queen? or buy Fruit of th Loom? Drink Coke or eat at McDonalds? Then their money will end up in Warren Buffets pockets. Boycotts don't really work long term anyway. The spatula someone doesn't buy today they will by 2 of next week when they go on sale. That is why noone remembers the California table grape boycott or the Nestle baby milk boycott even though they are still going on. If anyone wants to make a real difference then they should look up their local crisis pregnancy center and volunteer. A good way to find out if the place may provide or reffer abortions is that if they do they probably charge fees where as if they actually want to help the woman the services are free.