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Pampered At Work

Jun 20, 2005
Hello to everyone. I am really new on the board. I have been in PC for a month now, and August is my SS1. I dont have many bookings, and I am thinking of sending brochures out to do the at work luncheons. Do you have any ideas of recipes to do at these occasions, and kind of an idea of what to do at them?

Thanks in advance for all of your help!
Daniel Meredith
New York NY


Novice Member
Jul 11, 2005
I'm a teacher so I put them in our lounge. And when we have meeting I bring goodies and make sure I have copies of the recipies.


Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
You are going to do a demo at the luncheon? Do you have access to a microwave? The easiest is a noncook recipe or one you can prepare the crust at home (like a veggie pizza).

If you have access to a microwave, I would make the 10 minute microwave cake. You need the fluted stone, minimal ingredients, but you can show the stainless steel bowls, scrapers, whisk, scoop, and platter. Here is the recipe:

10 Minute Microwave Cake
Stoneware Fluted Pan
Cake Mix and materials needed for mix
Can of Icing

1. Mix cake mix according to box directions in the classic batter bowl or stainless steel bowls. Whisk.
2. Pour into Stoneware Fluted Pan using the scraper.
3. Scoop out icing and plop on top of batter *depends on your microwave strength (8-12 minutes)
4. Cook in microwave for approximately 10 minutes *use cake tester to test for doneness
5. Let sit in pan for a few minutes to cool *the earlier you turn over, the drippier your icing
6. Turn over onto platter *round platter or Simple Additions Large Platter is perfect for this use