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P.C. Website

Jun 8, 2005
I've been wondering if I should get an official PC Website? I've checked out some other people's and they look really good. However, I'm still getting my business started and I'm not sure if it's worth the expense at this point ($60 for 6 months or $108 for a year).
For anyone who has one--does it help your business? Is it worth the expense? Has it gained you hosts and/or orders?
Would love to get some feedback,
Thank you!


Novice Member
Jul 11, 2005
Do it!

I signed up for one soon after I got started. We are a military family and I knew I'd get lots of orders from back home. Sure enough...more than half my orders are done online. Also..its a great tool for host if someone can't come to the party.


Apr 22, 2005
I have read that many people are TOTALLY enjoying the value-added to their business with a website....so, I am a minority in saying that I am cancelling my website subscription when it is up in August. I had it for 6 months, and for every show that I had (and if the host had email), I set it up on the website for them. Not a single person used it (though one host said that she looked at it)!

Having said that....if you do a lot of shows (I only do about 4/month), it might be worth the $$$ b/c you would have more opportunities for hosts to utilize it. If most of the people that you know and/or that have hosted for you, have email & use it...it also might be a good investment. And, as Christyinhi pointed out, it is a great tool for those in the military.


p.s. It was a lot of fun to create & update, though!


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
It does really help when the host is motivated enough to use the website. I give all my hosts the examples (in dollar value) of how it's helped my past hosts' shows. I think some hosts are intimidated by it if they're not too comfortable with the computer. It's so easy though and it really walks them through it. I have gone on and acted as a host to actually go through all the motions myself. That way I can answer their questions specifically, especially if they're having problems with it. I think it's a great business tool!