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Oven bags and the roasting pan


Jan 31, 2005
I had a host from last month buy the roasting pan. She recently emailed me and asked if she could still use the oven bags and just place the turkey in the pan. Or will the bag melt? I wasn't sure so I thought of you all immediately. She said she has been using the oven bags for years and is too afraid to try roasting the turkey without it, especailly with guests coming for dinner. I only roasted a small 10 pound turkey in my pan with the rack to practice, but she has a "23 pound turkey thawing for Thursday". If any of you know please post!! I don't what what to tell her! Thank you!!


Advanced Member
Feb 14, 2005
I dont see why not. I have used those bags before and I just put it in my broiler pan. I think that would be about the same. If the bag instructions do not say anything against it tell her to go ahead.