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Our Products for Stampers


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Apr 14, 2004
Pampered Chef Products for Stampers

These are some Pampered Chef items that are great for stampers.

Bakers Roller - Use to roll out your Paper Clay

Bamboo Tongs - Great for holding things while embossing

Bar Board - Use this to set eyelets on

Cake Tester - Can be used to push ribbons thru

Clock/Timer - Use to set the time for your Paper Clay

Handy Scraper - Use for Shaving Cream technique

Hold 'N Slice - Great for shaving cream technique

Kitchen Shears - Everything!

Kitchen Spritzer - Spritz reinkers

Nylon Pan Scrapers - Excellent for creasing your crdstock

Parchment Paper - You can cook your Paper Clay on this and also emboss on this for no mess

Small Bar Pan - Embossing

Tool Turn-About - Great for all the tools. Store them all in one place and find them easily! A must have!


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Mar 16, 2005
great idea

Super idea! I used to sell Stampin' Up! and all those are super ideas! Thanks!