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OT: Need Relay Races for 3rd grade girls


Senior Member
Jul 31, 2005
I am a Brownie leader and plan to have a low key 1st meeting with relay races to break the ice between the girls. Does anyone have any easy, fun ones that the girls might not have tried?

We will pair them up with a pair of panty hose to share & run in...



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Mar 12, 2006
run in pantyhose...hehehe....good use of words...

okay, for relay races, there is the orange under the chin one, the egg in the spoon one, anything they can't spill (ie. water)...

Lifesaver game
Objective: Teams race to stick livesavors on the face of a team mate!

Relay Race, Teens, Singles
Game type:
Passive. Little or no movement is required.
2 or more players.
Needed: Roll of lifesavors for each pair.

Rules: Divide group into pairs. They must race against other teams by doing the following. One teammate from each group, gets a roll of lifesavors. They must try to stick all of their lifesavors on their players face by licking them. The first group to do so wins!

Objective: A hilarious game where players try to place marshmallows with a wooden spoon while a bit dizzy.

Relay Race, Birthdays
Game type:
Passive. Little or no movement is required.
2 to 6 players.
Needed: 2 bowls, small marshmallows, wooden spoon, oven mitts, blind fold

Rules: Take 2 bowls and fill one up with small marshmallows. Get 2 oven mitts and put them on the player. Get a blind fold and wrap it around the person's eyes and spin them 10 times. Give them a wooden spoon and they have to take as many marshmallows as they can and put them in the empty bowl in 1min. Count the marshmallows. Each player get a chance and the player with the most marshmallows in the bowl.

Pass the key
Objective: Groups must pass a key along a string which runs in and around the groups legs, arms, waists etc.

Relay Race, Couples
Game type:
Passive. Little or no movement is required.
2 or more players.
Needed: Long string and 2 keys

Rules: Everyone gets into 2 even groups and stands in a circle (one for each team). Each team is then given a very long piece of string (25 to 50 feet) and asked to weave it in and out of the their arms and legs and waists etc. The strings for each team should be the same length. String should be threaded through at least one belt loop of each player if they have them. Then the person at each end is given a key. The key is then raced to get to the other end by being weaved in and out of peoples clothes etc. First team done wins!

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