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Oriental theme games etc

Jun 8, 2005
I was hoping that someone had ideas for some cool games that will go well with the dim sum show. I am doing one on Friday night. I thought of having chop sticks and writing instructions on the sticks. Guests would have to pick a chop stick and do the indicated task. Anyone have anything????
Thank you.


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Nov 24, 2004
Dim-Sum Games

How about getting one of the Chinese take-out boxes from the craft store and placing an i-slice, corn cob nobs, or something else small inside as the gift. You could do the left-right game (I'm personally not a fan of, but lots of other postings indicate that they enjoy it). I like your idea with the chopsticks. Be sure to share how children can feel as if they're eating with chopsticks too by using the bamboo tongs.
Since it's a Dim-Sum show, maybe the Dumb-Dumb game.


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Mar 8, 2005
I went to an At Home America show yesterday and the woman did a neat game that I am going to steal at my next party.
She had a set of bowls and while she was talking about them she had everyone pick a tea light out. At the end of her demo she said that each scent of candle had different meanings. one was a free gift, one was free shipping and some were parties and that we would hold her to the free shipping so if we didn't want to play to put it back. My friend only had 8 people there and she had 4 bookings (only 6 people played)
She also gave them dates that she had and had them pick. I can't wait to try it.


You could also do a variation of the Hawaiian game. We played that the other day and it is such a great game because you can adapt it to anything:

Give each guest a piece of paper and pen. Tell them to close their eyes.
"1. Imagine you are in a town in China. There is a temple with an entrance gate to the grounds, draw the entrance gate in the middle of your paper.
2. Behind the gate is a temple shaped like a pagoda (a multi-tiered building), draw the temple to the left of the gate.
3. To the right of the gate in the distance is the Great Wall. Draw the wall with its many curves and angles along the top right of your paper.
4. A man is entering the temple gates to pray. In the center of the gate, draw the man.
5. Since it is a famous temple, there are many tourists. Draw some tourists around the gate.
6. A winding path leads from the gate to the temple. Draw the path.
7. It is a nice day filled with the hopes of good fortune. Above the gate, in the sky, draw a Chinese Dragon
8. The tourists did not walk to the temple, so draw their tour bus to the right of the gate.
9. What would a temple be without a statue of the Buddha? Draw your statue.
10. The bus has to have a driver. He has seen the temple several times and chooses to stay on the bus. Draw the driver behind the steering wheel of the bus."

1. If the gate is in the center of the page, give yourself 10 points.
2. 10 points if temple does not touch the gate.
3. If wall is two lines (not a single squiggle), give yourself 15 points. Single squiggle = 5 points.
4. If the man is between the gate posts, 10 points.
5. Earn 2 points for EACH tourist drawn (do not count the bus driver, the praying man, or the statue as tourists).
6. If the path touches BOTH the temple and the gate, you get 15 points.
7. Dragon on the left or right side: 10 points. Dragon in the middle: 5 points. BONUS: Dragons drawn with scales on their hides earn an extra 20 points.
8. Tour bus to the right and not crashing into the Great Wall = 10 points. BONUS: 5 points if your bus has windows.
9. Statue to the left: 5 points. Statue to the right: 10 points.
10. Driver sitting at the front of the bus: 10 points. Driver on the bus: 5 points. Driver under a bus wheel: 0 points.
Jul 28, 2005
paper folding game

How about an origami contest? Pick out a simple fold--even things like a paper hat or boat would work--and then see who can fold the fastest, neatest, not-quite-so-neat, etc. There are lots of origami folds on the internet you could probably look up, or even a book from the library.

I like the take on the Hawaii game though! Great idea! I think I'll use that for my Dim Sum party--don't have one lined up yet, but I plan to! :)


Apr 22, 2005
Wonderful, wonderful games! I'm so glad that I ventured on here today b/c I have a Dim Sum show tomorrow and my host is eager for games!!
Thanks so much!!!