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Order came thru website - she messed up shipping! How do I fix? Please?

Apr 2, 2006
Someone placed an order thru a show on my website. I noticed that she checked "direct shipping" so when I emailed her, I told her I just wanted to double-check that this was correct.

She said that she made a mistake and needs it changed to her address. She put the order in thru the website and put her credit card in for it. I haven't put it in PP yet - how would I go about changing it?

thanks so much guys!!! Everyone here is so supportive and helpful!!


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Jul 18, 2005
You should be able to enter it in PP however you want. The *show* orders that come through your PWS are only "notifications".... they're not actual placed orders, so any changes that need to be made can be done by you when you enter it into PP.
Dec 30, 2005
Was it placed through a show?

If it was placed through a show on your site then just enter whatever she tells you in PP. PC doesn't do anything with the show orders on your site, those are just there so that you can copy them over to PP. If it was an individual order then that has to be taken up with HO because those go directly to them, you don't have to enter them in PP. Hope that wasn't too confusing!