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Oranizing your kitchen & Shows Help!


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Sep 7, 2005
Do you all unpack after every show to use on a daily basis? :confused:

My crate has been sitting on my counter since day 1 (started back in Nov) which is now over the top full with all my stuff I earned and bought besides what came in my kit and I just go through it when I need something! It looks horrible to have my crate full of stuff right there on my counter top but I dont' think I want to unpack then have to repack each show! :eek:

What do you all do?

Also how many totes and bags do you carry to shows? I have my crate, tote for all my folders and baskets for raffles, and my shoulder tote that carries my tool turn about plus I take my table wherever I go so that's like 3 trips to the car at least! :(

Help need some advice!


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May 24, 2005
I just unpack everything after each show since we use my stuff all the time at the house and I dont do the same recipes at everyshow so they all use different tools.
As to how many bags i take i take the rolling cart that I earned and a bag with my binder, calculator and catalogs so it is only 2 bags.


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Jan 4, 2005
I unpack after every show, sometimes if things aren't washed at the show, they have to be washed at home. Also, it depends on what recipe I am doing as to what I take. My crate is never organized when I leave a show, so I like to repack! Most of my things, I use at home. Plus, I just like to pack for each show, that way I know what I'm taking and each show is different. I keep my crate in my spare room over the garage, with extra things in it that I have duplicates of. I have the red crate for most of my things, and an extra smaller crate. The larger tote bag is nice for my food chopper, pizza stone, smaller utensils etc. I usually do not use the rolling tote! I find it easier just to carry a crate up front steps than to try to roll the crate, and it tracks in dirt and leaves. My tool turnabout goes in the bag for it. So that is one crate and the two tote bags, sometimes the smaller crate. I never ever take a table. Everyone always has a card table, or I use their kitchen table. The last house had a huge island. One trip - sometimes two!


I'm really new at this, but here's what I do:

I definately unpack after shows because I never do dishes at my hosts house. (I keep a big plastic tote under my table or work area and fill it with the dirty stuff as I go along.) When I get home, I unpack and wash what was dirtied. For each show, I decide what I am going to bring and pack it before the show.

I have the red crate, a stoneware bag and I just got the Tool Turn About bag. I have the Show to go tote bag on order. When that gets here, I think I'll be almost down to 1 trip because I'll fold the red crate and use THAT for the dirty dishes.

Here's what I carry in now:

Tote bag for paper work
Red crate
empty plastic tote for dirty dishes
stoneware tote
tool turn about tote.

I carry a table in my car, but have only had to use it once.

My feeling is I don't mind making more trips on the way out, but on the way in I want it to be 1 or 2 easy trips because I don't want my hostess thinking the job is a drag. I pack VERY light for parties.



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Jun 20, 2005
3 bags and that's it

I have a Targus back pack for my Laptop that holds all my paperwork and the Tool Tote and the Carry All Tote! I have found that I can get everything I need in my 3 bags! I take the crate for dirty dishes and it goes into my carryall! I can normally do 2 trips and be done. The first one is the laptop bag and groceries and the 2nd trip is the Tool tote and Carryall tote! 2 trips on the way out! Laptop bag & crate first and the 2 totes on the way out!

Opps! Forgot the upacking part! I unpack after every show! Even between the 2 a days! Every show is different and you need to pack accordingly! Also, if you want to get a acquainted with you tools you need to have them in your kitchen and handy to use! I'd hate to have to dig through the crate for them everytime I cook! I'd say unpack and repack for every show! Plus, I've learned that I don't need to take EVERYTHING for every show! Pack JUST what you NEED! The catalog is there so you don't have to take everything!
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Oct 7, 2005
I use a heavy duty freezer tote (from SAMS CLUB) to carry my products in, as well as my red crate. If I'm bringing any ingredients, I use another freezer tote, as it keeps the food chilled. So far, I've kept my trips down to 2 per show--carrying stuff in when I first come to the door, and one more walk out to the car.. But Im sure it will get a lot harder once I get more of the product and want to take EVERYTHING I have with me to my shows!

I bring all my paperwork, catalogs, etc in a shoulder briefcase type bag. Then I split my products (super starter kit plus a little more) evenly between the red crate and the freezer tote. If I have another bag, its because I'm bringing something pre-made or the ingredients for the party that I've bought beforehand and semi-prepped for the show. I'm going to start using a plastic bin with snap-on lid for the dirty dishes. I'm going to pack my stuff for the demo recipe in the bin, so that the same stuff that is coming home in the bin is going there in the bin. That way, I don't have to try to repack my products in different ways. Plus, it'll be a good way to double check that i have everything I need for my demo.

oh, and for the unpacking/repacking thing. i guess i "unpack" between shows. I use everything (except for a couple little gadgets) from the super starter kit all the time when i cook, so i keep the red crate on my counter (in the corner), and put my PC stuff inside of it. everything gets used all the time, so its just a stopping place for it all.. but I have VERY limited space in my kitchen, so having the crate there is good for me. I store my flat stones/bar pan in between the side of my crate and the wall. I can keep my PC products at hand and use them constantly. I find more and more joy in working with the PC products everyday, because I'm always finding multipurposes for all of them.. and with a severe crunch of space, that's a necessity in a kitchen!
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Sep 7, 2005
hmmm I need to re organinze!

WEll after hearing all your techniques I'd say I need to re-think my organizing strategy! :p I take EVERY Single small gadget to my shows! And pretty much everything I own is in my crate (except ofcourse my stoneware) and SA pieces, & quickstir pitchers! I could get it down to 2 loads if I didn't have to take the table every time. But I have used it at every single show! Maybe it's because I take all of my stuff to display! :eek: But I talke about almost everything during cook time (well not every single piece but my faves at least which is 50% off what I bring!) Plus whatever I am using for demo.

So thanks! I will consider lightening my load at each show! I should really invest in the show to go pieces but I'm happy with the crate and tote I use for now!