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Opportunity night

Nov 13, 2005
My director and I were talking about having an opportunity night. It would just be an informational meeting to which we would invite potential recruits. Has anyone done this before, how did you present information during the evening, do you have a post card idea, adn was it worth it? We're planning on inviting a lot of people who we think would be good consultants, including those who have expressed some interest. Any help?


May 16, 2005
Yes, one of my consultants and I did this. We did a really casual evening in my home (coffee and dessert). We personally invited people who had recently shown some intrest in the business (no email!). I said something like "we are having a little get together for people who are interested in finding out more about the business" We had the super starter kit set up on one table and the bonus one products set up on another table. We had 5 guests come and since then, 3 of them have joined! I would definatly recommend doing this!
Mar 7, 2006
Our cluster is planning an event in June. Does anyone have a flyer/invitation I can display at my shows (as a discussion point) and also to send to potential recruits in the mail (to be followed up with a phone call)?
Westcliff, Essex, UK


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Jan 4, 2005
We did this a few months back. If you go to Consultants Corner - Downloads and then "A Sampling of the Pampered Chef" there is a planner & invitation.

We did our own invite but this give you an idea. We just had it at our directors house. A few consultants that had potential recruits came and we all brought food. We shared our story and just let the interested girls ask questions. The SS Kit was on display as well as some of the products they would get in the bonus kits. They had Quick Start boxes available and the computer on the website ready for them to sign up! Two signed up right there on the spot!
Nov 13, 2005

Your replies were very helpful! I was able to use the new search engine on the PC website and locate the invitation and planner. I attached, so others can use them.


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Paige Dixon

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Aug 11, 2004
I think it would be fun to have them participate in a super starter demo. Just have everyone try a step or two using the tools from the SS kit. They could see how easy it is to do a demo, and everyone gets to eat!
Listen to the gimmick Mary Kay is doing, it could work for us , too. They take a photo after each guests makeover, saying they are giving away a $100 package to the winner of the makeover contest. Each guest is invited to their Sampling and reminded that they need to be present to be eligible to win the $100 package. Here's what I was thinking: the more people listen to the opportunity, the more chance you have to win them over. So, you talk to them about a little at shows, then more if they show interest, then if they haven't yet signed up, you could invite them to the sampling (even if they only intend to go to see if they win!) and talk to them some more. I think you will get some people who will never sign or never do an actual show, but I think the more opportunity you have to speak with people who show interest, the more will end up signing up. I think this might be worth my energy.