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Opinions on Booking with Consultants from other companies


Feb 2, 2006
Hi, everyone,
I know many people mention that they trade shows with consultants of other companies. Has anyone booked a PC show with someone else (that you know is a consultant in another company), and gone through it all with "no strings attached"?

A little background to my question... Last week I went to a show that a friend of mine's mother was hosting. She's a brand new consultant for another company. I congratulated her at the end of the show on doing a good job and said I know how it feels because I just started doing Pampered Chef (this is my 3rd month). She started raving about TPC and said "I'd do a show for you!" and told me she thought about selling PC too but thought PC was too expensive. When I talked to her it sounded like she didn't understand the info someone had given her because she thought you paid over $200 for the starter kit! Long story short tonight she booked a show with me - for the middle of June! She's pretty eager.

The only thing I'm nervous about is how to respond if she asks me to host for her (right now I'm not too interested). She hasn't once asked me - just mentioned hosting once to the group at the show I went to - so maybe she won't ask at all. Has anyone been in a situation like this and ended up getting asked to host for the other consultant later on? I can just cross that bridge if I come to it... but thought I'd ask what others have run into and how you've handled it.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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Feb 15, 2006
I don't make a habit of 'trading' shows. If there's someone with another company I like, I may do a show. But if someone has a show with me, and want to trade & I'm not interested, I just say that my schedule is too busy with my own shows, and maybe I'll just order sometime. (even if your schedule isn't--I've always heard fake it until you make it:D ) And that way I'm not just saying no; I'm leaving it open for possible business later.


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Oct 22, 2005
If she hasn't mentioned it, then you're in no way obligated. If she asks, just say, "not right now" - like you hear all the time from your guests. My first $1000 show came from a consultant from another company who won a "free" show at a fair. She had gone inactive due to a new baby and has been considering PC since she did so well at her show. Try to give her the facts about PC and see if she's interested - you never know....


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Mar 12, 2006
I usually tell them up front if I think I could have a show or not. If I like the product and can't or won't have a show, I'll order. That way they don't waste time on me, but we can still have a good relationship.

I'm actually doing a show swap right now. One of my recruits and I are cohosting an Essence of Romance party for a consultant. Then on the 6th I'm doing a PC show for her. I couldn't have the E of R party in my house because there is no way my husband would vacate the premises. With my recruit, that is not a problem...plus it is sort of a surprise bachlorette party for her, too. :D


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Sep 20, 2005
It works both ways....

....for me. I have done shows with numerous consultants from other companies, without being obligated to host for them (one of my best customers is a CM "director", and I don't scrapbook!) and I have also had shows and haven't made the consultants feel that they need to have a Pampered Chef show. (Just had an Usbourne Books Show - the BEST childrens books!) If the only reason they are doing the show is to get a show, I would wonder how well they would do at gathering orders etc.....?
Usually when I have a show with a consultant it is because they also love PC products and want the host benefits!


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Feb 17, 2006
You could always tell her that you don't know if you could host right now because you are new as well to TPC and all of your friends and family are tapped out because they have been helping you start your business and let her know that you might be able to host next year.

Personally, I don't make a habit of trading shows either. I have a good friend who has sold for several other DSA's and I have had her at my house for a "One Stop Shopping" and had her at my house for HWC as well. About 2 months ago she was over at my house telling me she was doing a neighborhood barbeque with Southern Living at Home and this was right after she asked me for a catatlog. I took the catalog from her and hit her with it (not hard but enough to let her know I was offended) and told her that I couldn't believe she would have someone else and not me...HELLO!! Anyway, she felt really bad and canceled the SL show and scheduled one for me. I find that consultants for other DSA's can be very flakey and difficult to host coach...but hey, we all live and learn right?


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Apr 12, 2005
I have had good luck trading shows, now I don't do it for everyone, but sometimes it can be worth it. For example I had a Southern Living party a few months ago, the sales for the show were okay. I used the event to my advantage, I didn't actively push PC, but evrey recipe and serving dish etc was PC. 2 of the ladies ordered PC also.