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Open House

Aug 24, 2005

I am expecting 35-40 at my open house Sunday. I mailed 65 invites. I am so ready for this and very excited!!!! I have the day off from work today so I have been on the phone all morning trying to get outside orders.I have made 40 calls and every single call has been a "NO" so right now I am so frustrated I don't know what else to do. This is my second month and I'm
trying so hard because my first month was a disaster only 1 show,with a few bookings but they keep postponing their dates. About 20 people I've talked to
says maybe after the new year they will order but not interested in hosting a show not even a catalog show.(I'm thinking, What is wrong with you) HELP!!! How do you get them interested????
I've talked so much this morning that I am losing my voice Right now I am thinking maybe I made a mistake trying to do this. I will see how my party turns out Sunday them I'll decide what to do. Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated. My director has emailed me once since I signed up and that was after my first party last month just to see what my sales were I have thought about calling her but decided to post here instead.Please respond asap. Thanks


Give your director a call and see what she has to say. Don't give up on yourself! It is hard trying around the holidays, but that is also a ticket to get into the swing of things. I have you asked your kids friends? You might want to try putting catalogs at your kids school. Maybe enough for each teacher with an outside order form, a sample of upcoming host specials and a summary of the host program and a flyer with your open house on it.
I am trying that with my open house on the 20th at the three schools here in my area. You could also use the holiday mini catalog or the new season mini catalog. I have been handing those out instead of a full catalog.

I hope I have helped even a little. It was hard for me last year around the holidays too. This year is better to my surprise and I just pray it keeps getting better.

Hang in there :)


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Jun 20, 2005
One of the Directors in my cluster said a few things Tuesday @ our cluster meeting that really hit home to me. I only have 1 show booked this month, a Fall Bazaar this month and NOTHING in December. 1 show in January and 1 in April and that's it! She asked who wanted to be in business in January. We all raised our hands of course. Then she said if you aren't working in Nov and Dec then where are the bookings in January going to come from. We have a GREAT cluster and have 3 directors running the meetings, sometimes more. Those 3 directors have a combined experience of 22+ years. My Director has been in the business for 5 years.

When I talked to her about my bookings I was really upset. Because I was really needing those bookings. I had 8 shows scheduled for October and only submitted 3. :( Well, I now have 2 shows this month and have the ones from last month on the line for shows this month. I know alot of people don't recommend it, but get out that phone book. BE PERSONALABLE! Smile while you talk to them. IT REALLY CHANGES YOUR VOICE! Don't ask if they'd like to have a show. They'll only say NO!
Say "Hi Mary. It's Amber with The Pampered Chef! How are you today?" pause for response and then say "I'm trying to get my show calendar set for the month and wanted to give you first crack at the good dates. Which date would be good for and your friends to come to your show, November 9th or 10th?"
This gives them a question to answer, but not a NO question. There is also a file on here called a 100 NO's. You should expect to get 100 no's for every yes. SO DON'T GIVE UP YET! You'll get there! Call your Director. Mine doesn't call me alot, but that's fine. She knows that if I need help I'll call her. She once said that her job was to help me be a success and to call anytime that I needed help.

SORRY SO LONG!! :eek: Hope it helps!


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Oct 26, 2005
PLEASE don't give up!!! It is so hard to get discouraged but you can't let that take you down! Have you tried letting your friends and family know that this is something that you really want to try and make a go at it? Let them know that it is important to you and you would appreciate their help. If you try this, I think you will be surprised. Explain to them that it is time for everyone to start their holiday shopping and this could be a great way for them to do it. I am sorry that you are having a difficult time. It sounds like you are trying very hard but take a moment for yourself and regroup then start over. I hope that your Open House goes well but don't be discourage if it doesn't go as you would like. I have had 3 and only one was a success, not that the other weren't but they did not produce much at all. Any NEW business is great. I wish you all the best and hope that you will give it more time!