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Open House Tips


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Apr 14, 2004
I had a holiday open house yesterday...small place so I was only able

I had a holiday open house yesterday...small place so I was only able to bring 1 table, but for the amount of people that came through, I figured I did fine.

I tried a couple things I hadn't done before & thought I'd share how that went.

I sold alot of Beer Bread and the Farmer's Market Seasonings! I made some ahead and set it up on the Hosp. stand/Hosp. platter with the small SA bowl at an angle in the center of the Hosp. Platter. I encouraged everyone to try it and once they did, they wanted it. I had quite a few loaves made up ahead and wrapped in cello bags (looked nice!) and set them on the table on top of the Mini Loaf Pan. Well...not only did they buy the loaves I had made up (I charged them $1.50 per loaf and it was the variation made with the beer, garlic, cheddar and dill mix) but they wanted to order the mini loaf pans on sale. So I sold quite a few of those too. (Just like in September at my shows, this worked out so well!!!)

Then I had purchased a bunch of the Farmer's Market Seasonings and had them in a basket along with alot of smaller items for cash and carry. I sold almost everything in the basket. The large items for cash & carry that were extras in my basement didn't sell but when I came home I sent out a mass email to my email list advertising the more expensive of those items for sale and in 1 hour I got a reply from someone who wanted the carving set for $45.00 so I thought that was a great way to get rid of some of the things in my basement before the Holidays. They will want to save (no shipping/tax) but I charged them exactly what they sell for in our catalog. They'll have these in time for the Holidays too.

So if you are going to be doing an open house, made the beer bread and dip. They'll buy it! I had 11 boxes of beer bread there to sell along with 7 mini loaves made up. Sold all of it. I also made up a batch of the all-occasion cookies with the Cookie Press and set that up tiered on the SA with the large platter as the base and sold several cookie presses on sale (took orders) as well. Mary Jo Oyer-Adv. Dir.


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Apr 14, 2004
Catagories for Raffle Tickets

Here are the categories that I use:

When you complete one or more of the following, you will be entered into a drawing to win fabulous FREE fall products! All new products will be given away, and you may be entered more than once. So, feel free to attempt as many entries as possible! YOU NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN!!

a.. Bring a guest to my Preferred Customer Party (must be an adult who has not previously been invited).
b.. Hold a show in the first three weeks of September or October. (If you 're already booked, you're already entered J!)
c.. Place a product order at my Preferred Customer Party.
d.. Place a $100 product order at my Preferred Customer Party.
e.. RSVP by August 17th, and you may enter an exclusive RSVP drawing.
f.. Bring three outside orders to my Preferred Customer Party.
g.. Agree to take one of my catalogs and obtain at least three orders in 3 days.
h.. Date a show to be held before Christmas.
i.. Bring 2 or more guests to my Preferred Customer Party (uninvited adults only).
j.. You can enter my Preferred Customer Party drawing for a lovely prize...just because you came!

April Wahl, WI

Ann F

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Nov 11, 2004
Needing Open House Tips

I would like to host an open house for my past hosts/customers, but I need ideas. From the "ground floor" up, please. I'm thinking of doing this near Valentine's Day...

Thanks for your suggestions.
Feb 15, 2005
New Season Open House

Any ideas on what to do at my open house. I am having it on Mar. 4. I am sending out flyers to all the people who have hosted or attend a show in my first 6 month doing the biz. IDEAS Please on what to do at the open house :confused:


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Feb 3, 2005
Open House Ideas

It all depends on how you want to do the open house. I have had the best success when I do it just like a regular kitchen show. You could also do a sip 'n dip show where you demo one small recipe and let them browse. I don't know that this is the best way. People usually buy the products we show them. If you are showing very few products, they will not buy as much.

I would promo the open house as a NEW PRODUCT PREVIEW and do a recipe that involves new products.

The biggest thing you can do to help your open house is to HOST COACH YOURSELF! You need to make sure you invite at least 40 guests. You MUST CALL and offer a personal invitation and let them know the invitation is coming. You MUST FOLLOW up with a reminder call the day before the show. If you don't do these things, chances are your attendance will be low and you will be disappointed.

Hope that helps!