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Open house results



Hi all,

I just wanted to share the results of my open house.

I don't close until Monday, but so far I have about $400 in sales, with a couple more outside orders expected in.

Financially, it was kind of a bust, since I spent well over $100 on food and stuff. BUT, I got three bookings from it and reconnected with old friends, so in the end, it was a success!

It was a ton of work, which leads me to think that I will probably not do it again. I originally scheduled it because my March looked so bad and it was my third SS month and I wanted to get the bonus. I think my open house WILL do that for me, which makes it worthwhile from that perspective too. And I sold a piece of cookware! LOL.

So, in the end, I think it was a good experience. We had fun and enjoyed ourselves... and I made a couple of bucks from it, which is cool.

Just thought I'd share.

Oh, yes, I sent out about 50 or 60 flyers.

Mar 16, 2006
You know, I don't think you did so bad. you did much better than me. My next door neighbor didn't even show up and I talk to her all the time. I had mine today and I got 5 people to walk in and abt the same as you in orders which one of my orders my not go thru and it's a big one. WEll anyway people that came were real pampered chef junkies. I found that they all wanted to see the new products. I was sorry I didn't have more to show in the new product line. A woman comented that if I did it again she would come. I am not sure if I will do it again. If I do it again. I will most definaly scale down the food. Maybe just chips and dip, a drink for the quick stir pitcher and some specialy item from the seasons best.


Ok, an update....

My neighbor called me this afternoon and told me that she was going to add an order to the Open house show. It was for a FULL set of Gen II cookware! LOL!

Well, because she placed an order, I put her name in the drawing for mystery host, and she won! So, we upgraded her to the two professional sets at half price AND she got to choose a couple of the stoneware pieces for free! I am so psyched. (I love this neighbor, so it is even cooler...)

But here's the thing, her order pushes me over the 2K mark for panorama points. WAHOO! I am holding out for the 7 piece set, though! ;-)

So, even though it was only a $400 show, it was a huge success. Oh, yeah, she's booking a party, too!