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Open House Concerns

Jan 10, 2006
I am planning on having an open house to announce my new biz to everyone I know.... Should I do a cooking demo or just have the items there for all to see and do some incentives for bookings? What have you guys done to ensure a successful open house? How long did you stay open? Cooking demo done? Incentives for bookings? Tell me your tips!!
Cris :)


Jan 15, 2006
I'm doing an open house on Saturday and I plan on having the food prepared already instead of doing a demo, that way it gives me plenty of time to socialize one on one with people. I plan on having some of the new March Spring/Summer items out and about to look at along with my PC favorites. I may have the chopper out with some things to chop along with the grater and my stones.

I definitely would recommend putting out your theme binder if you have one and have all your booking incentives and recruit information available!
Dec 22, 2005
march 25 is

my open house and I don't really know what to do either. What recipes should I make, appetizers and desserts -- but should I do it out of the Italian theme we have for the s/s or should I just do some out of the season's best?

How should I set it up? I have a tiny apartment and dunno where to put things. Should I have seperate table stations for demo of products, recruiting and booking and then food ? Or should I give the guests packets when they come in? WHat are good items for door prizes.

I do like the idea of having an open house but I don't know my neighbors and I was wondering if I should go door to door with invites ? How much food, how many demos... soo much to think about :eek:


Jan 6, 2006
Have a set time for demo...

You need to have a set time for demos. My experience with Open Houses is that people just don't come! Believe me....I run a great business. I am booked far out...but when I throw an Open House...people don't show up. As I've discussed this with other consultants, the consensus is that you have to have a set time for a demo. This will encourage people to be there at a specific time. I understand your theory, that you want to be able to talk one on one, but do a short little demo...or even decide not to do it if there are a million people there (God willing).

Good Luck!


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Oct 6, 2005
Make it a show, not an open house. Choose a recipe, make your notes, go through your entire demo.


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Apr 12, 2005
I agree do a demo. If you want to have the food ready before hand and do a potato demo. You can show off plenty of products with a potato or two. From there play games or do what ever your plan is.


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Jan 9, 2006
demo vs. open house

human nature says structure is necessary, you must tell them when to come, why they are coming, what you are selling/giving etc, who you are where to go... (be nice). If you are doing the show alone, (no other consultant help)then do most of the prep ahead and explain what you did when you begin your demo. Do not go overboard on food one recipe is perfect, I am doing a luncheon show this month and saying bring your lunch, I will provide dessert. I hope to get the busy office people in my small community. Most important lesson i learned (what do you want from this show, project it!) You want bookings, make it easy and inviting. You want recruits make it fun and inviting. You know.... the reason you love it. SHARE


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Jan 17, 2006
Do an express show!

When I have my open house I plan to do an express show. First I want to get to know my neighbors but not for two hours during a PC show, unless they want to stay. I plan to let my guests know that I will be drawing for prizes every 30 min so they can fill in the drawing slip (citrus peeler, Season's best, etc). I will have most of my food already done. I want to make clubhouse chicken squares because they are very easy to demo, and they require no baking. They are so good!! I plan to have almost all already done, chopped, cut and ready to just layer on my baked crust. I will have one already done that I will bring out from the fridge if I have enough guests. I will make the delicious profiterole puffs, they are easy to make and from the new season's best so it's a good way to sell a few to everyone. I encourage them to give them as gifts, (and also my realtor friend as house warming gifts for their clients so I get my name into new homes of families as a PC consultant).
Also I would encourage the guests to come up and try the products themselves. I stress the features, the warranties, show benefits and my income as a consultant. You never know if someone wants a part time job, a new hobby or a full time job. I also would have a drawing for March since there is no FREE item for $60 or more in products like the other months. I would definitely encourage bigger orders by dressing up a basket with tissue paper, a pretty bow, and some PC products. I never use all my stuff from my sample kit. It works everytime. I once did a drawing for a basket with every $100 order (I knew this particular show host always has some big spenders), and it worked I had an $800 show and before that she had over $1,000 in sales. She is having another show for me in April. Her guests look forward to the give away baskets I make. And they are all pretty cheap. I always shop discount. VAlentine's baskets are cheap after valentines, thanksgiving baskets, christmas bakets, etc.... Also I add in a box of chocolates, some cheap kitchen towels, and a few PC items. It looks so pretty and appealing to the ladies.