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Online Ordering Flyer?

Jan 29, 2006
Does anyone have a flyer to promote online ordering? I have a friend who is doing an online/catalog show for me in another state and she wants a flyer she can give/send to her guests encouraging them to order online.

I am dealing with yucky morning sickness this morning so was kinda hoping I could find one here before taking all day to make one myself.

Thanks in advance :)


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Apr 10, 2005
Send an Email

The first thing I would do is send an email from your website to the host with her password. Instruct her to: Put herself in as a guest, then send herself the announcement email. Once she receives it, she can forward to her entire e-list. This saves her from having to type in all her contacts into the (which my hosts have found to be a real pain...they like it much better this way).

I don't have an on-line ordering flyer...maybe someone else does???
Jan 29, 2006
She's done that but she wants to send them to her coworkers and the emails are getting blocked as spam. I will try again though, maybe she can tweak it or something. :)

Nevermind, I get what you're saying now...derr...preggo brain already?! :rolleyes:
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