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Old Easy Accent Decorator


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Do any of you veterans know if it's possible to get a replacement part (the bottom ring) on the old Easy Accent Decorator, which I think was made prior to 1/2/02? If I can't get that for a customer who needs it (actually I came across two customers who need replacement parts for that), any suggestions on how to handle this? Thank you!

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
I actually just ordered a replacement part for the decorater for a customer and I didn't know she had the old decorater. The replacement part of course didn't fit on it. I called the home office and they said they don't have any replacement parts for the old easy accent decorater.


May 19, 2005
This was discontinued too long ago for replacement parts.

Remember her name. If they have the mystery boxes at conference this year, you may be lucky enough to get an old EAD. I did last year. When I called a customer who had been looking for one, she was SOOO happy!


Senior Member
Gold Member
Jan 19, 2006
jdavis said:
I have heard numerous times that the playtex bottle rims work for those.

It does work. I passed the idea on to a friend of mine and she tried it. She also used the outside part of nipple (cut the middle out) because she felt like it needed a better seal.