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Okay, so do you all order enough catalogs so that if people at your


Jan 8, 2006
Okay, so do you all order enough catalogs so that if people at your shows take them, it's okay? Or -- do you try to get them back (or as many as possible)? I'm asking b/c I've ordered 150 catalogs this season, and I have 29 left. Granted, 75 went to fundraiser packets, so I probably won't get those back. But -- I've got one more fundraiser cooking show and 6 more season shows (not to mention the bookings I'll get). So, I've got to order more. I just don't know how many more to order. I'd hate to order 100, and then be stuck with some at the end of the season. But -- I'd hate to have to order more b/c I don't have enough. Geez...


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Mar 6, 2006
First of all, I order 100 cuz its like getting over 25 catalogs free! Also, I look at it like every one I give out there is some hope of me getting an order or party. It may not be right away, but if its 2 months or 2 years from now you got something from it. Good luck with your business & NEVER feel that something is wasted.:D :D :D :cool:



Feb 3, 2006
If you don't want to buy more, take 10 or so that you do have and buys some cheap, clear three-ring binder sleeves and some 3-ring binders at Wal-mart. You can cut each page of the catalog and put it in the sleeves and pass the books around to guests. Your guests will automatically have lapboards too when you do this!

It may be a little bulky carrying them around but you will save money in the long run, especially if you have lots of shows.


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Jan 21, 2005
I WANT as many people as possible to take my catalogs because you never know when they might want something or decide to do a show or start their own PC business. I want them to find MY catalog and call ME!

I tell them to take the catalog and, if they decide they no longer want it, to please leave it at their doctor's office, beauty shop... They always chuckle at that request and then I say something like "the point is don't just toss it - leave it somewhere where someone who needs a consultant might find it".

The catalogs are tax deductable and a great advertisement for your business! Buy them!


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Oct 6, 2005
Think of your catalog as business card. When you buy 100, it's only .39 out of your pocket.

I also tell my guests that they may take them, but not if they're just going to throw it away. I had a catalog host ask if I wanted them back and I told her the same thing Beth said--leave them somewhere where people might need it.


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Jan 17, 2006
Buy 100!!

I can never have anough catalogs. Buy the 100 is my advice. You need catalogs in the car, to drop off at your dentist office, doctor's office and leftovers can be used also. Just drop them off door to door, leave them in waiting rooms, I am displaying some in a bridal shop and the sticker on them says "If you like what you see, call me for a current catalog!" "Place an order of at least $60 in April and get .......!!"
Then I leave my contact info.


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Jan 19, 2006
When I first started, I used folders so people wouldn't "steal my catalogs". Now I know that every catalog out there (with my name, phone number and website) is another chance for an order, a show or perhaps a recruit.


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Nov 3, 2005
I have my catalog in a three ring binder and if someone asks for one i give them a catalog(Not one in a binder) that way I don't run out of cat. at shows!!!!!!


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Jan 30, 2006
When talking to guests about what is in their lapboard, I mention that the catalog is theirs for the taking, but if they are only going to take it home and toss it, to please leave it behind so I can "recycle" it and use it at another show. That way, no one feels obligated to take them, but the one's who REALLY want one don't feel bad to take it.

I would say that it is still early on in the season: order 100!! :p