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Okay I just have to let it all out!!


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Oct 7, 2005
The excitement that is! My husband wants to work with me on my PC biz! :D You have NO idea the ultimate joy that is coursing through my veins right now! I had my first huge kitchen show (that was supposed to have 25+ guests in attendance) a couple weeks ago and because life was so crazy at our house (we have a 1 year old son), I was really rushed with this show. I just felt like I didn't have everything in order, like I was gonna flop it no matter how hard I tried (and at the same time, feeling massive excitement). So he helped me through my whole talk, gave me tips and pointers (he's a sales manager at a gaming/computer store) and really boosted my confidence. You know, I've told him about PC probably a hundred times, and he's never looked at the catalog before that night! He sat down, flipped it open and said to me "This is what you sell?? This is AWESOME!" and started going on and on about how he'd love to come with me to my shows and help me... and how he wants to work together on this.. I just, I just can't contain my excitement!! He started rambling about how we have to have a show together--at our place. Then I mentioned different themes, like Asian and Chocolate, and so on and he stopped me to DEMAND that we did a Chocolate themed Open House together in January. And, the more that I tell him about PC incentive trips, the more he wants to help me book and recruit so that we can go on a real honeymoon together!
Okay, so I guess that's enough gushing for now.. Just needed to let out the excitement. It's really nice that he's so supportive of me, because when I feel like I'm too tired to work at it, or I'm feeling discouraged, he's there to give me a boost by reminding me that we can do it together, and that he WANTS to support me in what I love to do.. It's SO amazing. And to think--maybe he would have said all this 9 months ago if he had just looked at the catalog!! :D I hope everyone's spouse/family supports them like this--it's really making a huge difference in how I view my biz.. It's not a "I gotta do this on my own" thing anymore; it's a "let's do this together" thing that is bringing us closer together --- the whole PURPOSE of Pampered Chef!!
Dec 20, 2005
That is wonderful !! You are very lucky to have such a supportive husband !!
I am new to the business (in super starter month 3) and hope that with time my husband will also become more supportive.