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Ok, since we have a thread on staying and looking cool at a show, I


Mar 16, 2006
Ok, since we have a thread on staying and looking cool at a show, I figured it might be ok to ask this one. :eek:
I had a show this past Saturday night and, well, I have a slight sinus issue. I call them snorkies. So, I'm sniffing like crazy throughout the show. I excused myself to the restroom just before to give a good blow and wash up but within minutes I was all snorkie again and sniffling like there was no tomorrow. It was really uncomfortable as I know I can't be up there wiping my nose while preparing their food! :eek:

What do you do when you have snorkies during the show? :eek:


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Jun 22, 2005
take Dayquil before leaving the house!

I'm coughing good right now...not sick anymore, but that lingering cough won't let up!

Maybe even wear plastic gloves to show you are concerned about the germs...
Have Germ-X on your table??
Wash your hands IN FRONT OF THEM with the Suds Pump...

and again...DAYQUIL!
good luck!


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Apr 11, 2005
Oh isn't that awful???
I make sure to let them know it is allergies and I am NOT sick. I also keep Claritin on hand to dry me up.