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Ok..I am putting this under bookings because that is what I am trying


Novice Member
Jan 29, 2006
Ok..I am putting this under bookings because that is what I am trying to get. I know over 15 other Direct Sell consultants either from show swapping or friends that I know. Anyway I am trying to put together a Spring Bazaar type thing where we all get together and put our stuff on display, take orders, sell things, get leads/bookings etc.

Well I'm the only one making the calls to find a place to hold it in...and when I find somewhere one of the ladies say that unless there is an event going on it won't be successful. I got so mad! No one is getting off their rears to find a place or to coordinate with everyone to find out what date works best etc. I don't know what to do! I need bookings and new customers but I dont' know of another way to go about getting them except having some type of Open House/Bazaar thing.

Do any of you have suggestions on where I can find new hostesses and customers? I've already went through my 100 people list I made several calls today and nothing.

Thanks for listening and the suggestions!
April Andrews
Apr 13, 2005
Can't really help you much but wanted to wish you luck !! I just had a Spring Fling that I TOTALLY set up myself with 8 other direct selling ladies (avon, creative memories, home and garden party, etc.). We had 3, yes 3, customers show up ! NONE of my customers came !!!

But still....we are planning on doing it again in Nov....Christmas Bazzar type thing. It was fun and i did get 1 catty show !

Good luck !!!
Apr 1, 2006
It's okay, stuff like this happens. Last night, I had an open house for my neighborhood. I invited friends, family, and the entire neighborhood. Five people showed up... they were family members. Some of my relatives didn't come because one in particular sells "fantasy" products and for some reason, she sees me as "competition" in her eyes.

But, no friends... no neighbors showed up. I had tons of food, drinks, etc. I had flyers set up for two weeks and no one came. So, it's okay, I feel your pain. :)


Silver Member
Mar 30, 2006
Hit or Miss

Yes, multiple vender events can be frustrating but also rewarding. I have done many of them over the past 3 years. Some have bombed! Some have been good. The ones that did poorly were the ones ther our group set up by ourselves. For our 1st event, we got a community hall ($0 dollars) from someone who's mother was a resident in a elderly housing complex. We all vowed to send out 200 invitations. There were 8 of us. About 25 people showed up. Most of them wanted "cash and carry" merchandise.

2nd time around we "piggybacked" our event with a church event. One of our consultant's churchs was having a bizarre. We approached them and they gave us a room all to ourselves. We again sent out invitations however with the added traffic of the church event, it was very successful.

Try to find an event you can latch on too! Most of the hard work is done already by the planners of the event have done most of the advertising.

Best of luck!



Legend Member
Feb 15, 2006
Does your town have a ladies fair? Those are sure fun. My town just had ours this last Sunday. Our local arts council does it for a fund-raiser. It only costs $10, and they did tons of advertising. This was the 4th year I've done it, and it gets better every year. This year I have about 15 contacts (either yes or maybe for cooking or catalog show, 2 for bridal registries) For my small town, I was very pleased!
Just keep doing everything you can to get your name out there!


Veteran Member
Feb 17, 2006
If you are not already, you should wear a PC shirt or have something PC on you everywhere you go! Start talking to everybody about PC, bring it into any conversation you possibly can. I am currently doing two Mystery Host shows, one for our dentist's office and one for my son's oral surgeons office...all because I wore my PC shirt when I went for appointments! The Dr. who pulled my son's teeth wants the 12 piece cookware and we were talking about how he had to get to pulling my son's teeth to pay for the cookware and I had to get to doing the show at his office to pay for him pulling my son's teeth!!