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Oh my gosh!!


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Jul 23, 2005
I just got an email from the office saying that they were putting one of my orders on hold because the hosts credit card didn't clear!!! This show was the show I needed to get my SS2. I hope that they will still approve it. I called the host and she has asked me to try to put less on her card and she will give me cash for the rest. How the heck am I going to do that? Oh my goodness this sucks :mad: Sorry I just needed to vent!!


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Sep 1, 2005
You still have a few days before the end of the month. You can work this out.

Do you have a PC debit card so that the HO debits out the amount not charged by customers and the host? If so, put the cash from the host in the account and call the HO with the new amount to be charged on the host credit card. Ask them to take the difference out of your PC account. If not, do you have a credit card? Ask if the HO will charge the cash amount from the host on your personal card.

You have to submit the show by the end of the month. You have done that. After the end of the month, you still have a couple of days to resolve payment issues of the shows turned in. The HO should have given you a date by which the issue must be resolved to count for this month.

I know it is frustrating, but you can still resolve this and get your bonus.


Did HO leave a number?

Here is the number for the finance deparment for HO. Call them on Monday. That way you can get the money from the hostess and into your account Monday morning then call HO with the info.


Is there anyway the hostess can give you cash for the whole order? That would save a lot of frustration. Good luck! I hope it all works out!