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Pampered Chef: Bookings Now What?

  1. lizardhippie

    lizardhippie Guest

    :confused: Okay - I've officially used up all the ideas I have to get new bookings!! I moved here a year ago, and have been with PC for 4 years. I am completely out of leads now & ideas. Does anyone know how to get bookings from people I've never even met before? I've heard all the "go over your sales receipt..." ideas, but thats not what i need - I need brand new leads!! :D

    Dec 30, 2004
  2. Couple Ideas

    I have started using MSN Groups: WeLovePamperedChef... this also has good ideas. When my friend didn't have any ideas left she started a cold calls survey. She would tell the person she was doing a PC survey and wanted to know if they had ever heard of Pampered Chef. She would go from there depending on the responses she got. Seemed to work...although you'd have to be okay with no's. When I lost all possible leads I went back to friends and family and began asking did they know of anyone that would host a show...that I was looking only for referrals and that for every referral that booked they would get put into a drawing for a $50 PC shopping spree. It's hard...I totally understand where you're at and could also use some help here.
    Dec 30, 2004
  3. luvs2sellit

    luvs2sellit Advanced Member

    show ideas

    I just moved myself this summer to a town where I know no one. I also decided to start selling PC as well this summer. I do several shows at hair salons. I set up my things and bring a snack. Usually the salon owners are more than excited about you being there. I bring food for all the salon girls to eat and get alot of orders from them in return. Try it and see if it gets you some more bookings. I went in the other day to go to the tanning bed and walked out and a customer was waiting to place a order from me. $150.00!!! She saw my catalog there and the girl cutting her hair told her I was in the tanning bed. Anyways, I just really got out there and took my catalog to everyone, restaraunt owners, hair salons, banks , schools. Now I am having atleast 2 parties a week. One other idea is to Pray! Pray! Pray! Ipray for each show success. I pray that all the guests will not spend more money than they should, that their husbands will let them get out of the house peacefully and that they will enjoy themselves. God has continued to bless my business.
    Good luck.
    Feb 14, 2005
  4. I just moved to a new area two months ago. If I saw someone selling Avon or Mary Kay or anything else, I acted intersted in what they had. Then I would tell them that I just moved, I don't know anyone, etc and I would give them a catalog. So far, I've had a good response this way. The Avon lady even told me that she rolls up her catalogs and throws them in peoples yards like a newspaper. She said she had good response from this. I plan on taking this idea and "running" with it. I have a stack of old catalogs that I put labels on that say, "for a current catalog please call...". Then I'm going to attach an introductory letter to it introducing myself. I got some of the plastic bags that the newspaper carriers use to put my catalog and letter in when I throw them.

    We also have a local paper that will run classified ads for $1 (its a small weekly paper and its a free paper so everyone gets it). Last week was my first week to run it and I got 2 calls from it.

    Have you checked into any fairs or craft shows that may be coming up soon? We have one in April that I plan on setting up at.
    Feb 14, 2005
  5. Here are a couple of things to try that REALLY work. The first is to go around to a neighborhood, any neighborhood and go door to door. At first you tell everyone that there is going to be a Pampered Chef Kitchen Show in the neighborhood and would they be interested in attending. Then you take their address and phone # and tell them you will be contacting them. When you have how ever many you want, or you come across someone who sounds REALLY interested you tell them that you have names of some people in the neighborhood that are interested in coming to a Kitchen Show if they would like to host one (have a flyer handy on host benefits, and host packet). Then they book a date with you. I send all invites out for the hosts, and make sure that you call the previous people back, since you said that you would get back to them. I recently did this for the first time and booked 2 shows!
    The second thing to do is look in the paper at the wedding and engagement announcements and send those people a flyer in the mail or call them. I mentioned this in another post, it does work and I have gotten Bridal Showers and Kitchen Shows off both of those.
    Hope that gives some of you ideas!
    Feb 23, 2005
  6. Looking through the newspaper for engagement/wedding announcements is a great idea!! I went through my newspaper yesterday and found a bunch, but how do you send them PC bridal shower info. There is no address info for them.....
    Feb 24, 2005
  7. I just looked in the phone book for the bride's name/number, if that wasn't available then I looked for the grooms name or even the bride's parents. It depended on who was in the book. I also went on dexonline.com and went through it that way too. It takes a little bit of time, but it works. I had two that had more than one name...one had 3 of them and the other had 2. So, I called them. It worked, cause both of those booked bridal showers since then.
    Feb 24, 2005
  8. You could also try doing a craft fair. Also another consultant in my group goes to new developments and puts a catalog and flyer on there door. She's had some success with this!!
    Mar 5, 2005
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