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Nothin' like getting free PC stuff!


Dec 14, 2005
The brown truck brought me Simple additions Plus Bonus and I am just tickled-we get paid, plus we get free stuff-just for doing our job. Love PC!


Senior Member
Jan 17, 2006
FREE cookware!!

Oh I love PC too. I can't wait to get my new executive cookware FREE!! They gave us like 5 months to earn it, they should just mail out the cookware to every consultant...it's great!!
I have over 1,000 points for Jan. and Feb. alone and that's cause I didn't even really push it in Jan. cause it supposedly started in Feb. I am glad they added Jan. cause I sold a cookware set in Jan. I also have some layaway plans going on for the cookware, so I am definitely going to get all the pieces I want.
The commission is nice and this job is great!!! I love it!!