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Not sure........

Jul 15, 2005
........exactly where to post this........but I'm trying to order additional items through PP........I am in SS2 and want to order at least the small batter bowl as well as a few add'l items to bring to shows as a way to show various gift ideas. How do I enter this into PP to receive my 20% discount? Thank you so much in advance!!!



Advanced Member
Feb 14, 2005
Actually you need to go under non commission orders then personal order. That way you get the discount.
Sep 20, 2005
I know it's cheating, but what I do is add it on to a show that the host doesn't mind me adding to, she gets extra credit, you get commissions so it may be full price out of pocket, but you will get the 20% back in commissions, and if you have a great month, you get even more back because of the increase in commission, and it counts towards your incentives for the month such as super starter bonuses. It cheats, but it helps! I just use my maiden name and a different first name, tell the host and get my products!


Sep 24, 2005
more cheating

Also, if you know the host, or if you ship the order to your house, you could order it under the HOST discount of 20-30% plus get commission and no shipping butit wouldn't be tax dedutlable.