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Not knowing about PC


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May 24, 2005
I did a show last night and 8 out of 10 people either did not own anything PC or had never heard of them. I know alot of people dont know about PC but that was surprising to me that that many at a show not owning or knowing about PC


May 19, 2005
Not knowing...could be a good thing

Not knowing anything about PC could be a good thing. Use it to your advantage. Be sure to follow up with buying guests about their products a couple of weeks after, to see how they are enjoying or not enjoying their products. It could lead to more bookings for you. ;)


Aug 24, 2005
Wow, I would really love to walk into a show like that!! Think how fresh they were--hearing everything for the first time, not looking through the catalog thinking, "I have most of this, except for this and this, and I have two more parties to go to this month, so I'll just get this..."

I signed up as a consultant within two weeks of attending my first show, so after I say that in my introduction, I always tell people if there's anyone here attending your first show ever, let me know and I'll give you a free show of your own next month. Haven't met another first-timer yet, but somebody did call out that they weren't a first timer but wanted in on a deal like that, and I counter-offered to split the cost with her. She said yes, everybody laughed and I went on with the show. Got two more bookings that night, and I think it was partly because she helped me break the ice by booking *during* the presentation.


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Jul 23, 2005
my third show was at my best friends house. she didnt even know what PC was and did it as a favor to me. well lets just say she is hooked now!! anyways, she had 7 people show up and only 2 of them had heard of PC. i sold alot of things i used that night (garlic press, crinkle cutters, etc.) and each order averaged 35-40 dollars. now i love it when i hear that people say they dont know about PC!!! it really helps to show the products without the pressure, just in my opinion!!


Apr 22, 2005
I agree!!!

Those are the best kind of shows!! When people go to a PC party for the first time, they get overwhelmed with all the great products. Those people will probably end up being your best customers. Good Luck!!

Debbie :D :D
Jun 29, 2005
Love it!

When I signed up in February, my ONLY concern was that there were already too many consultants in town.... I made a list of 100 before I even knew what a "list of 100" was, just to see if I could get a good start, well I came up with a enough give it a try. Anyways, things have gone great since... but it is only confirmation that there are not too many for me to be doing it when at a show someone says "this is my first show and I don't have anything." I nearly run up and hug them!!! This happens at half of my shows.... needless to say I am SO glad I signed up!!!! I just had figured since I've had the stuff since marriage (7 years) and have been to shows, that everyone must have too --- so not true!