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No spousal support


Feb 3, 2006
I have had numerous conversations with my local director, shadowed her to a party last night, and plan on attending an area training session tomorrow.

My problem is my husband. He thinks this whole idea is a waste of time and money. I tried a home-based business a few years ago (SMC) with some friends and didn't have much luck.

I would really like to give this a try. I want to meet new people and broaden my circle of friends, plus save money to for our dream vacation: Japan.

You know what is really ironic? He's the better cook in the family!

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Mar 27, 2005
Breakdown of what you get

Maybe if you took him to the meeting with you or had your intended director talk to him that would help. Let me do a breakdown of costs for you. There is no way you can lose anything. The kit cost 90 + tax = 95.40 If you turn in 4 shows at the minimun of 150 each your total sales will be 600, you get 20% commission which equals 120-startup kit 95.4 = a little above 20 in your pocket. Here is what you get 300 in products in kit, 50 paperwork/supplies and if you sign before 2-28 and qualify before 3-30 you will also earn the 12 in family skillet free so that makes a total of 425 products and 50 supplie/paperwork. . Explain this to him that you will not be out any money in the end and if it doesn't look like its going to work you have fulfilled your obligation. This is a win win situation. I hope that this helps. Keep in touch [email protected] Thanks, Kim


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Jun 29, 2005
Hey, I know a girl that sells PC that couldn't cook when she signed up! She's not my recruit, so I don't know how she does now, but I know she's been selling for awhile.

PC is so different from other companies. I used to sell something else too (MK) and didn't have near the business that I do with PC. I sold that stuff for years and I don't think I ever made a profit because I had to invest so much in the beginning. I made a profit at my first show with PC. And you know what else? You can go on vacation for free instead of saving for them! I have never in my life been on a real vacation (never seen an ocean or been to a beach) and I am trying as hard as I can to earn the Atlantis trip this year. I think in time your hubby will come around. When he starts seeing the money and prizes you earn, he will change his mind.
Jan 29, 2006
I am in the same situation. So I decided on my own. My husband thinks its more hassel than its worth and he wants to here nothing about it. I went ahead and ordered my kit.I figured once the money started rolling in he will want to spend it.But to bad.I wanted it for myself. Maybe he will come around sooner or later. Do it for yourself!!!!!! My kit has not come yet but I have been on this sight and I am getting so many great ideas it might help your decision.


Dec 5, 2005
I understand too!

I know where you're coming from...

I used to sell Creative Memories, and it really flopped. They are a company where it is beneficial to keep a stock on hand, rather than waiting for orders. When you have people doing scrapbooking, it is better to have the supplies on hand!

Anyway, we put a lot more money into it, than we did get from it. I never knew how much until we did our taxes that year. It was really sad.

PC however is different. I did lose money last year, and probably will show a loss for 2005, but it is not nearly as much. The ONLY reason I lost money, is that I was a hobbyist, and I wanted to buy all of the kit change overs, and new products. If I had not done that, then I would've probably been ok. So, tell DH, that even if you just buy the kit and a small amount of paperwork supplies, that you will make money. It is almost impossible to not. If you're like me and buy a lot of products for yourself (hey, I couldn't help it, I'm addicted!! ;) ), then you may not make more than you spend.

Finally, I too had a little trouble convincing DH that Pampered Chef would be different. He didn't mind me doing it as much as CM, because he too loves to cook, and was thrilled at us getting good kitchen products. I even showed him the differences in the contract, and how I really could make money, even part time with this. Like I mentioned before, even if you don't buy any of the extra products, and only have 1 small show, you'll still end up with probably $50 a month that you didn't have before. So, how can that be bad!?

Good luck!

P.S. DH wouldn't change me doing PC for the world...he knows I'm happy, and he loves the products, and now that I'm starting to make a little more money with it, he is super happy! :D


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Sep 4, 2005
Semi-supportive husband....

My husband has been mostly supportive but since I too was buying the new fall products, I turned over a loss for last year [I signed up in April of 2005]. Now he's nagging that I need to stop wasting money if I am not going to be making money with it. He also doesn't like the time I take on it...because I haven't turned a profit. I will this year!!! :D I plan to promote to director and earn San Francisco or Atlantis. Of course, he doubts that I'll get it and doesn't want to go to Atlantis [BIG fear of flying]....so maybe I'll take someone else!! Either way...after this year...I'm expecting more support! :p My director said that is what turned her hubby around...the first trip!

Hang in there!!



Nov 2, 2005
My hubby's attitude was whatever makes you happy, but I got no support from him. So we made a deal, he gives me 6 months to prove that you can make money from this. He wouldn't want me to quit, so I don't have to giveup anything, but he's trying to at least support me for these six months. And now I have 3 recruits, and another signing next week!!

About the profit, the one thing that I did for almost all the years that I've been doing this as a hobbyist was making sure I was at a loss, then at tax time I was guaranteed a good refund!!! That's truly when I made my "profit"! And most of my deductions were things I would've bought anyways but could deduct now! This year will be different as I'm working alot more than I was. This is now full time job for me (2 nights a week), not hobby job.

I agree with the person above, have your director talk with your hubby about it and show him the possibilities, or even have her husband talk to him-guy to guy- that's what my director was going to do with a few hubby's in our cluster.

Good luck.



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Sep 13, 2005
That is hard

It is so hard to have an unsupportive spouse! My husband was "iffy" when I signed 3 years ago...and especially when I started leaving him with the kids to go to Conference! But, once we were able to buy a new truck and 4-wheeler he is my best seller! :D

The Walt Disney World trip was another eye opener for him! When we walked the Red Carpet with everyone cheering for us he was starry eyed! But what really got him was when my NSED, Chris Manion, asked him if he was proud of his wife for being one of under 10% of 60000+ consultants that earned an incentive! :eek: This really blew him away!

Needless to say, he won't stop talking about Vienna and he is already telling everyone we will be going to the Bahamas next year! :rolleyes:

My advice for easing the tension of an unsupportive spouse is: keep your time with him and family the same. If you have a Pampered Chef show at night, make sure you still have dinner done! If you normally spend Tuesday nights with your family...keep it the same! I find that my husband is much more supportive when we still have "our time!" ;)



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Sep 7, 2005
I can relate!

My hubby was "whatever makes you happy dear" attitude when I signed 3 months ago. I tried the Avon thing for 6 months and did not make any $ nor was I happy doing it. So I am sure he was feeling iffy but half heartedly supported my quest.

Now I'm getting very nervous for our Tax appt. next week! I got my 1099 form and calculated my start up costs and I am at a loss! :(
I put way too much $$ into this to begin with! Some $1700- and my income was only $1600+! He's not going to be too happy, but at least I have broken even after January's pay check and hopefully will start to show a profit now!!
Although I too need to cut back on my spending on products habits! I earned level 2 and really want to buy the rest of the remaining stuff for only $98! But have refrained so far! :rolleyes: And I just spent more $$ on supplies for the new selling season and more for my kit enhancement :eek: ! Maybe I haven't broken even yet!
I will just have to justify and tell him to give me 6 months to show a profit because "it takes money to make money" is my motto! ;)
I am hoping to make one of the trip incentives this year!? If I do hopefully ~he changes his mind about my PC biz !:)


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Sep 23, 2005
My husband is the one that talked me into joining PC- and has been wonderful, even though I am not showing as big of a profit as I had hoped. The thing is, he is an ACCOUNTANT- He know at a glance where I am with expenses/income- he keeps my books, so there is no hope of keeping it from him. He does keep me on track with spending. He talked me out of buying all of the rest of the new products. I earned level one, and wanted to buy all of the rest, but settled for part of it. He reminds me that it is "my business" and he is just my advisor. I am blessed that he is so supportive- In fact, he has the incentive trip tracker on the office door (The outside, for all to see) and everytime he logs my shows, he updates the tracker. He also unloads my truck each night after the shows, and loads it if he is home. What a guy !!!!!!


Oct 26, 2005
I have been doing this for 4 years now and my husband in not always supportive and it is very hard at times. I think you just have to come to the realization that if you want to make a go at this business, whether you are a hobbyist or at this full time, that it is up to you to do it and not let your husband have a negative effect on your goals. Believe me, it will be hard to do but maybe at times he will support what you are doing. Now that I am about to promote (March 1st) to Director, he is starting to see the BIG picture and that PC really does make me happy and when I am happy then our Family is happier.
You may not always have a profit and that comes and goes with this business depending how much you put into it. Eventually you will start showing a profit and maybe then he will come around. Don't freight so much because it can & will only hurt you and your business. If you ever need to vent or just need some advice from someone who has been there don't hesitate to email me [email protected]
Take care!