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No One Showed...Now what?

Apr 5, 2018
Hey everyone, This is a real simple post. I’m new to PC and scheduled my first party with my director right away. I have two weeks to my potential guests to reply. My director and I both set up separate FB pages where we posted multiple updates and reminders. Out of 61 people we invited on FB along with at least 10 or 15 more in person, barely anyone (only 6 to be precise) responsed at all and they were the ones not going. I have ZERO attendees for my first party. So here’s my question...NOW WHAT? I live in a small desert town in NW Arizona. My wife and I moved here 5 years ago. All my family and friends are back east. I reached out to all of them including people at my church and at my wife’s school where she teaches and still NOTHING! I know all who reply will say the same thing, “Don’t get discouraged,” but you have to admit it’s hard not to get discouraged. It’s like not one person is interested in what I’m doing. I’m a bit lost on where to go from here. Should I keep going, is it worth it, should I quit? I just don’t know.


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Jan 19, 2006
Don't give up! I'm sorry this happened to you and yes, it sucks.

Here's my sage advice after nearly 17 years in the business -- MAIL INVITATIONS. Yes, snail mail. Yes, pay postage, Yes, take some time to collect REAL addresses. This is what I require of my Cooking Party Hosts (though I'm the one paying for postage, paper, envelopes, and mini-catalogs for each person).

Perhaps it's just my age, but I don't consider a Facebook invitation to be a real invitation -- and I enjoy and interact on Facebook. Because I don't see it as a real invitation, I generally will NOT respond. Perhaps I'm the only person out there that feels that way, but I don't think I'm alone.

So, what can you do now? Start over with the same group. Come up with two more dates. Contact them one-by-one and let them know you were sorry they could not attend the original party (they do not need to know any details about that party). Explain that you'll be doing a few more kick-off parties and need some folks to practice on. Ask if either date is better than the other. Tell them you'd like to mail them a mini-catalog with an "official" invitation (can be as simple as a sticker on the mini-catalog) to the party so you'd like to get their address.

If they don't like either date, ask if they'd be interested in getting free products (highlight upcoming host specials) for hosting their own party.

Set your dates out far enough that you can make all the contacts you'll need to make in plenty of time to send (14-10 days before the party) the invitations.

I hope this is a bit helpful. Good Luck!
Apr 5, 2018
That advice is great chefjeanie. But the real problem is not that i didnt reach out to my invites. The problem is i dont know a lot of people! I live in a very rural part of northwest arizona. My wife and i have been here five years. She has a lot of friends who teach along side her at her school. I have about four maybe six people that i call friends. We have no family here also. All tge people i call frirnds live 2500 miles away and i really think they dont care im with PC bc none of them respond or even like the posts i put up. Am i supposed to invite complete strangers into my home? And if i fo mention to people i dont know well that im hosting a party how do i, a stranger, ask for their address an d phone number. I know it sounds kind of whiny but its not meant to. Its the teuth. I really have no friends and the ones i do have made it clear they arent interested, either by word or actions. Im at a loss! How do i get started if the people i value as family and friends wont support me and dont live near me. How do i build a business like this without friends or family?

Admin Greg

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Apr 13, 2004
Every single consultant and business person has beginning horror stories. It didn't stop them and it won't stop you. It's how you learn. Good luck!


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Jan 16, 2007
You mentioned church members and your wife's teacher friends. I suggest you quit thinking about who you don't know as in friends and think outside the box... Instead only thinking about "friends" - think about when ever you see someone and your 30 second talk about what you do. think about doing what Jeanine said except with the church acquaintances and your the people your wife knows. Ask if you can set up a table at the church during some event and during that event offer the two dates. My Director started her business in a very rural part of her state and made it a goal to get to places to have shows - each time she had a show even if it was in another rural area which even if it was an hour or two away she would work to recruit the hostess. It was this type of focus she is now one the most successful Director's in PC. Don't give up, just try and look at it in different ways. People I never thought would have a show ended up having catalog shows for me from a distance and they were very successful.

Good luck


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Jul 7, 2005
I know I've been there. I have hosted events 'for the neighborhood' and gone around and left invitations, dolled up the outside of the house with balloons and been sorely disappointed when no one showed up. I worked together with a team of self appointed recreation chairpeople for an apartment complex and had really poor attendance. Here's what I found it comes down to: TALK TO THEM LIVE - via phone or via face, you need to make that personal contact. How many of your friends back east did you physically call?

You can literally sell to anyone at a grocery store, but you have to think of it more like you're going on a date, rather than like you're tricking people into doing something. I remember a National Conference (you should go, by the way!) where one of my room mates was literally seeking ways of tricking people into having shows. Would it surprise you to learn he is no longer a rep?

If you haven't done it yet, go to the library and get one of Doris's books. Come to the Table or TPC:The story of one of America's most beloved companies. Read how she started. Then, two steps: 1 - get your list of "no's" ready, and 2 - get on the phone. List of No's you can probably search files here, or make one yourself - for every no you get, you put a tic mark down. Once you get 10 or 12, you do something you like for yourself (cold beer/ handful of M&M's/ trip to Dollar Store). What's that, a person said no? You are closer to your first YES. Direct sales is a sorting game. Mantra for your brain while you are doing this: SW to the 4th: Some WIll, Some Won't, So What. So, Who's Next?! I strongly recommend having a script - people you are speaking with don't hear it as canned or rehearsed, and they don't know what they don't know. Also, as long as you are collecting "no" responses, go 'down the mountain' - ask the big asks first, then the smaller ones. After small talk with your friend, then ask if they are one of the 50% of Americans who has thought about a side job. (More than 60% of PC consultants are doing something else in addition!) Tell them just a little about it, let them ask questions. Once they say no (darn it - someone said YES and you have a new recruit!) then ask if they'd like some top quality kitchen equipment for free or discount by displaying friendship and hospitality, and getting a free PC shopping spree and a discount for doing so? Once they say no (oops, someone said YES and you have a booking!) Then ask will they attend a live recipe tasting at your house? No? Will they attend a facebook show? No? Would they be on your monthly newsletter? No? Can you mail them a mini catalog or recipe card? [either get some PC recipe cards, or download a recipe and print it, put it inside a recruiting brochure and mail that] You've gotten your fisrt few no's, move on to another.

It takes lots of energy to get started - I've had to restart several times, and am there again now. If you'd like to have some guy support, I'd be up for sharing some connections I've made. PM me on here and we'll go from there.

Last advice, go checkout the videos section and watch some successful consultants do their host coaching. This isn't an easy skill but it is just that - a skill. You can improve it by doing it and getting better yourself. Much of PC consultancy is personal improvement. Goal setting, tracking, accountability, celebrating with others. There's never been a better time to be a PC consultant! All the Best.