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Bookings No One Quits With A Full Calendar!

Deb Bixler

Gold Member
Oct 29, 2006
Create A Solid Show Schedule For Your New Reps

When reps quit they say they are busy or having a baby or their husband wants them to quit but the real reason they are quitting is because their calendar is empty.

No one quits with a full calendar!
  • If they were having a baby and the calendar was full, they would stick with it and work around the baby so that they had extra money for bills or a baby room make-over.
  • If the hubby did not like the business and they were making money then he would start to like it!
  • They are too busy because they are not seeing the value in the business.

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Legend Member
Oct 6, 2005
So true!

Nancy Jo Ryan was going to quit after Christmas but she had a full calendar in January so she kept going. Guess it worked out for her, huh? ;)