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No Bake, No Cook Show

Stephanie S

May 13, 2005
Hello All!

I am looking for some of your creative ideas! I have a show coming up on the 17th for 25-30 ladies at a resort. The theme of their conference is "Pampered" hence The Pampered Chef. They were referred to me through a lady who had attended one of my past shows. Here are the areas that I need ideas for:

1) Ideas for things that I can do to make them feel "Pampered"

2) Ideas for recognizing the woman who referred me - e.g. a special gift

3) Ideas for a dish - there will be no cooking facilities (no sink, no microwave, no oven, no fridge, etc) what can I prepare?

Your help is much appreciated!


I would look at the spa shows that has been posted somewhere else on here. Most of the stuff is things they can do to pamper themselves by using PC products without having to cook. Then I would have some of our dips already prepared along with some veggies cut in neat ways, along with a couple other recipes that you could prepare before hand and maybe have the recipes to hand out to the gals.


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Jul 23, 2005
wow what a fun sounding show. we all need to be pampered. i like the sound of the spa show (cucumbers on eyes and stuff like that). there are some great threads about the spa shows. as for a guest how about doing a min cake or mini bread and wrap in some pretty paper or something? just some ideas....let us know how it goes...it sounds wonderfully relaxing!!!


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Apr 12, 2005
Do a Pamper Yourself Theme Show. You could pre make a desert and then make one or more of these "pampering" recipes for your demo. Bring a cooler for anything that you may need to keep cold. A bin for your dirty dishes and maybe a plastic tub to rinse dishes that you might have to re use.

Or pre-make everything and just play some games and talk about the recipes.
I found these recipes here on this site, and here is my pamper yourself flyer.


  • aromatheraphy ideas.doc
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  • spa show.doc
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  • spa show outline.doc
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  • spa treatment show.doc
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  • Pamper Yourself Party.doc
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Apr 12, 2005
Here is the other document that I have. I hope these help. I can never seem to refind something here so I always save or print everything I like.


  • Pamper yourself pg 1.pdf
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  • pamperyourself pg2.pdf
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Jun 22, 2005
I didn't look at all the attachments, so i don't know if they listed good recipes.
but I think the Berries and Cream Wontons would be a great make-ahead, and it is Light... it is in the "It's Good For You" cookbook... make the wontons ahead, and whip up the filling, and maybe even have them fill the wontons themselves... unless you want to really pampered them and do it for them... but the EAD makes it quick and easy-they are elegant too.

I agree about going to the spa threads... I know I listed a bunch of ideas like the Baker's roller for a massager, our candle for aromatherapy, etc

I think our candle would be a great gift for the host.
Definitely let us know how it went!
Good luck!
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Nov 24, 2004
Spa Show Outline, Invitation, Theme Binder Page, etc.

My primary purpose is to bump this thread for the individual that is looking for the spa show ideas.
I've tried to attach mine, but dial up is not letting me. I will be in a wireless area tomorrow (today) and can attach it to this thread then. It's about 18 pages or so, but has invitations, an insert for your theme show binder, recipes, facts, etc.
But this thread should certainly get you started!