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Newspaper Ads

Nov 27, 2005
I am new to PC and I work a fulltime job. I am having trouble booking parties right now due to the holidays, I have a bunch for January set up. Have any of you tried placing newspaper ads, and if you have did they work? Any help you can share would be appreciated!


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Apr 13, 2004
Never much luck

I have placed several ads in newspapers and never got what I would call a good enough response to do it again. The ad cost more than I made.
Also make sure you look under Concultant Corner as there is a list of newspapers you CAN NOT place ads in.


Jul 6, 2005
I say save your money !!

I as well have done this a few times and just lost my money on it. The last add ran for one month in my local newspaper $130.00, i got one phone call !! He was looking for a Chef position !! If it is real cheap go ahead and give it a shot you never know ! If it is pricy save your $$