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Newspaper Ad - Hope I get some bites


Mar 27, 2006
Well, I'm in SS1 and have one class scheduled and I'm doing a HWC fundraiser. To try to get the word out, I placed an ad in our local paper. It was just under $50 for all Fridays in May. The paper is only published on Tues and Fri - small town. :)

Here's what my ad says:

Please Support Pampered Chef’s 7th Annual Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser. Replace your old kitchen tools and support the American Cancer Society at the same time. For details call Audra, Independent Consultant for the Pampered Chef (phone#) or visit www.pamperedchef.biz/chefaudra
I hope I get at least a few calls on it. I've read on the boards that most don't get a good response from the paper. I thought I would give my area a try. If you have any suggestions on this - please share! :)

I thought I would share this - I've picked up so much on these boards. I hope I am able to give something back! :eek:


Legend Member
Dec 1, 2005
Audra- I am playing the waiting game for my small town tues/fri paper today too! I hope you get lots of attention. If someone calls you on the phone make sure to tell them they can "double thier impact" and get a friend or realtives order. I saw that catchpharse somewhere on here and people have been responding well to it!