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Pampered Chef: Newsletter Subscriptions

  1. micocina

    micocina Member Gold Member

    Does anyone know where I can subscribe to a monthly PC newsletter so I can send to my customers?
    Jan 19, 2006
  2. cajunchelle

    cajunchelle Member Gold Member


    They have wonderful newsletters there. If you want you can add me as a referral... Michelle Dumas
    Jan 19, 2006
  3. kcjodih

    kcjodih Legacy Member Gold Member

    Jan 19, 2006
  4. Swirl

    Swirl Member

    I subscribe to a newsletter that comes on the 15th of every month. They have 3 diffrent forms that come in, two for emailing and one to print out. I paid $12 for a [email protected]

    I also just recently have joined with a great lady Debbie and she will do flyers of all sorts and she has diffrent theme shows and games. She is great...she will do flyers up for you on request on anything you can think of. Her services are $6 for 6 months or $12 for a [email protected]
    Jan 19, 2006
  5. I Have the Tools

    I Have the Tools Member

    I'm confused. Do they send the newsletter to you to copy? Or is it email? I'm interested but how does it work?

  6. Swirl

    Swirl Member

    They email me 3 diffrent layouts...one is a long version for emailing, the second is a condensed version of the first that is also for emailing, the last is a 4 page newsletter to print out (for those customers that do not have email). All I do is put my name and info in the correct spots and twick it alittle to suit my needs. I have really enjoyed them so far. You can go to their websites and view samples so you can get a better idea of what they consist of. :eek:
    Jan 23, 2006
  7. Mar 21, 2006
  8. Kathytnt

    Kathytnt Senior Member

    Does anyone who if 123 by request is still in business? I wm tyring to conact them about a matter and cannot reach them.
    Oct 10, 2008
  9. DebbieJ

    DebbieJ Legend Member

    Good luck, Kath. That woman is EXTREMELY difficult to get a hold of.
    Oct 11, 2008
  10. Liquid Sky

    Liquid Sky Advanced Member

    I use Mike's newsletters thru MyEmailDesigns.com. LOVE the newsletters...very professional! Let me know if you want me to send you my October newsletter so you can see what it includes. :thumbup:
    Oct 11, 2008
  11. I would Love to see a copy of your news letter.
    Do you send one out every month or every other....?

  12. Rhonskitchen

    Rhonskitchen Gold Member

    I would like to see your newsletter also, please.
    Oct 11, 2008
  13. stacywhitlow

    stacywhitlow Veteran Member

    I also use Mike's and love them. I use iContact to send them out.
    Oct 12, 2008
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