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Newbie questions about prizes at a kitcen show



My first couple of shows are coming up soon. I'd like to have some little prizes available to give out. Maybe I haven't looked in the right places, but I haven't seen anywhere to order little giveaways. Where should I be looking? Any suggestions on popular prizes?


Oh! And while I'm here...I love my new website and used to to send out evites, but I can't see that it saves the emails used anywhere. And I can't fully customize an email for anyone but a designated host. I wanted to send some out to potential hosts.


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May 6, 2005
You can order door prizes through a paperwork supply order. Maybe make a list of other paperwork items you may need and order them all at the same time. You get to order once a month at $3.50 for shipping, then additional times you would be charged the direct shipping fee. I always try to just do one supply order a month to avoid extra shipping fees.

At this point on our websites, there's only options of sending out evites, reminders, thank yous and announcements of online ordering. There isn't a special email to potential hosts. I'm hoping they make this more flexible in the future. There is a way to save a customized email that you're sending to a host so that's the default email, if you ever would want to do that. Otherwise, just send out a regular email through your own email system if you're wanting to target potential hosts. You can maybe even add some nice graphics if you're able to so you can spruce it up a bit.

I hope that answers your questions. :)


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Jul 7, 2005
Favorite Prizes

Guests appreciate ANYTHING for free. Twixit Clips #9676 for 20 / are great for guests who answer a question for you, or who tell a "I love it because..." story about a PC product. (Remember--let them talk: worth 10 times your talking because people trust their friends and other guests) Bamboo tongs #6990 for 10 / are good. Even Pan Scrapers #6200 for 10 / or Citrus Peelers #6190 for 10/, if you want to go the least expense route. A year ago I started offering QuickCut paring knives #6145 for 5 / , and people were really excited. But the best, by far, has been the Mini Serving Spatula #6106 for 5 - $4 in the catalog, I think they're $12 for the 5 on a supply order.

Do a supply order in Pampered Partner by going to the NON COMMISSION ORDERS - Supply and then you pay for it on your TPCDebit or Credit account.



After the first reply, I looked up the supply order form and started thinking. I did order a few different things to start with. I really appreciate hearing how different options go over. I tried to gauge it how *I* would like it if offered as a prize. :)

My first and second shows are this week. I'm very excited! And I love this board for ideas and questions!