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Newbie Question



Hi experts!

Here's a basic question:

I have a mom and daughter who want to submit two orders, which total over $150. Can I submit them as a show? Does the host (Let's say the daughter) get to count towards that $150 total or is that only for guest sales?

I am thinking that it could be a show and then one of them can get free shipping and the other pay only 3.50 and it can be shipped to their house. (They live together.) One could then get the guest special and one could get the host special, right?




Sep 30, 2005
Hi Rachel, Its Lynn from RI. I would let one of them be the host and have the other one put the whole order under her name as a guest, she can get the guest special, and the one who is the host can get the host rewards.
Then they can split up whatever they owe.

Hope i didnt confuse you!